what a difference a day makes

There is nothing worse than a mass shooting, especially in the USA. Inevitably, it turns out that the shooter (when not a jihadi) had mental issues. The latest example is no different from the young man responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting, or the man responsible for the Aurora theatre massacre, or the young man who attempted to kill Gabby Giffords. It looks like he was mentally ill and nothing was done to help him with that mental illness. At the very least this man had a form of mental illness involving paranoia (this is not PTSD). Note: Jihad is not mental illness, it is a deliberate act perpetuated upon innocent victims because they refuse to bend to the will of the jihadi.

The narrative regarding the shooting at the Washington Naval Dockyard continues to shift sideways. Yesterday there was talk about the fact that an AR-15 rifle was used, except of course, an AR-15 rifle was not used. The police have released information that the guns found on the person of Aaron Alexis were: two handguns obtained from the location itself, and a shotgun that he brought on to the base. He used the shotgun to kill the entrance guard and then took his handgun before moving into the building. He then used the shotgun to pop off people in the atrium below him as he was on either the 4th or the 3rd floor.

Whilst I am not a gun user or “fanatic” I am not pushing the barrow for the control of legally owned guns. This is because this is yet another case where I think what is needed is a proper background check before a person can even obtain a license to own guns.  The system failed to pick up that Aaron Alexis was a disaster about to happen. He was able to purchase that shotgun from a gun dealer. There was no way that the dealer could know that Aaron Alexis was going to use the weapon for polar bear hunting and that is because there were no recorded convictions over his misuse of firearms in the past. The system itself let everyone down.

The question I have: once again we see how the present system has failed to keep people safe, what do we do about that situation?

Clearly, the attempts at gun control are not the answer to the question that I am asking. It would seem that a gun register or anything approaching that is unacceptable to most, and I think in essence I agree that it is unacceptable since I am thinking about the potential for abuse.

I continue to see the larger issue being that of the ownership of illegal guns, rather than the ownership of legal guns. One woman who was inside the building when the shooting began stated that she wished that she had been allowed to conceal carry and to have a gun on her person when at work. I assume that what she means is that he shooter could have been stopped by someone who had a conceal carry before 12 victims were killed. In essence I agree with her logic.

Here in Australia we have had more drive-by shootings – normally these are non-fatal. We have also had more deaths caused by stabbings. Ah yes, I hear you say, with all of these stabbing deaths, let’s ban the use of knives!!

I wonder how many people have contemplated the number of deaths that were caused by the use of bow and arrow? King Richard the Lionheart was downed by an arrow, although he later died as gangrene had set into the wound. What about all those deaths caused by lances used during a joust? What about all those sword related deaths?  Do you get my drift in asking these questions? The methods for bringing about death and desruction have dramatically changed. However, anything can be used as a weapon and cause death if someone is so inclined. In these mass killings the method has been with a rifle and a bullet, but in China, there have been mass killings by knife wielding individuals. I think that if someone wants to kill then any available weapon will do the job.

One of the largest mass murders in the USA remains that of the one perpetrated at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and his offsiders. It is because that incident was never fully investigated and the third person not identified that there is a wrong belief about the motivations behind the explosion. Whilst Nicholls and McVeigh were Sovereign citizens,  I do not believe that this was their motivation. I do in fact think that John Doe #3 holds the key to motivation for that bombing.  If anything both men were the pawns of John Doe #3 because they were already disaffected due to Ruby Ridge and Waco. Neither event was actually sufficient for them to set about learning how to make a car bomb. This is the whole point of what I am saying – mass murderers choose their weapons carefully. Nicholls and McVeigh chose fertilizer, not guns.


3 responses to “what a difference a day makes

  1. You know what all of these places have in common, they were all gun-free zones. It seems that having a gun-free zones is an advertisement for all of these mentally disturbed individuals to attack.

    The other thing they have in common as you mention is mental instability, our mental health system is deficient to say the least. Since the scandals in the late 60’s and early 70’s of some bad mental hospitals, we have gone in the opposite direction. We no longer house mental patients but drug them up and send them out in the street, hoping they won’t do what happened yesterday.

    I had an uncle who suffered from mental illness and the fights to get him help against the system that is not designed for that were terrible. To the point it cost him his life.


  2. I just read the Daily Telegraph and its coverage was disgraceful. The reporters detailed all of the lies regarding the weapons plus the claim that the perpetrator was carrying a dark secret because he allegedly helped at the WTC on September 11. Well I call BS on that story as far as PTSD is concerned. The guy was mentally ill and there is evidence to support stating he was mentally ill. It might be disaffective schizophrenia or some form of paranoia, but it is not PTSD.