There is always another side to a story

You have to hand it to the Australian media, because they are simply ignorant in regard to the situation in the USA in regard to guns, ownership of guns, and illegal guns.

As you are no doubt aware, there was yet another mass shooting, this time in Chicago. None of the victims of this shooting have died, but a child is critical in hospital.

The Australian media are playing this up to the hilt and the emphasis is, of course on gun ownership. I personally think that this is totally ludicrous and shameful because it leads Australians into believing that the incident has something to do with the legal ownership of guns, where owners use their weapons in a responsible manner.

Now let’s get down to the facts about the story, because after all, the incident happened in Chicago. The neighbourhood is a black one called the Yards, or something like that. All of the victims were teenagers, and it happened at night. One person has identified a perpetrator as someone with dreadlocks.  The Australian media neglects to mention the small fact that gun ownership up until now has been illegal in Chicago, leaving all the teenagers vulnerable to such a situation in the first place. The Australian media also neglects to mention that this kind of gun violence in Chicago is nothing new. Instead they have sensationalized a story where illegal gun ownership is involved.

The Australian media has not corrected information about what took place in the Naval Yard in Washington D.C. They had persisted with the meme that the gunman used an AR-15. You will not hear anything about the fact that the gun itself was illegal because he made it into a sawn off shotgun. So here again, you have a gun legally purchased that ends up being illegal, and the press actually suppresses that information because it does not fit in with their agenda.

You can also bet that the Australian media will not touch the possibility that Aaron Alexis was most likely polar bear hunting. You will also not hear about the fact that Aaron Alexis set up a web page that had nothing to do with Buddhism… but it had something to do with Islam… oops!!

When left wing journalists control the media it is impossible for people to get any real news because everything is filtered through a left wing prism that is nothing like the reality of a situation. I could spend time writing about the fact that, shock horror, there is only one woman in the Cabinet of the new government. Actually, there is only one woman in the inner circle and she is our new Foreign Minister. This is an achievement because Julie Bishop has become the first Australian woman to hold that position. Instead, Julie Bishop has been slammed by the feminists who claim that she is nothing more than a token female presence…. some token!!  The Opposition has called Julie Bishop mean and petty because she told Steve Bracks that he was not required for a position in New York. Now, the fact is that the new Government warned, when they were in Opposition that the Gillard government should not appoint this person to the role, but they did that anyway. All other ALP appointees, including Kim Beazley who is the US Ambassador will remain at their posts… yet the ALP have been spinning it for all it is worth in their faux outrage because this appointment was nixed. It should be because Steve Bracks had become involved in political campaigning during the election period. As such he would have difficulty being non-partisan. Besides that, as a Labor Premier of Victoria in the past he was hopeless, and he managed to not get himself investigated for corruption in high office by resigning and claiming he wanted to spend time with his family.


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