Is the white widow dead?

The rumour is very strong that the woman known as the white widow led the Nairobi attack and that she has been killed. The rumor is unconfirmed at this point in time. However, newspapers in Britain are reporting that the Kenyans have stated that there was a woman, a British woman, who has done this kind of thing many times.

You can read more here.

UPDATE: It looks like the Kenyan authorities were wrong, the White Widow is not dead. Somehow this bitch escaped from the Nairobi mall. Interpol have issued a warrant for her arrest.

What happened in the Westgate Mall is so sickening I find it hard to write about the atrocities against those who were hostages and who died a slow painful death. These remaining hostages were tortured to death, eyes were gouged, heads cut off, and knives driven into children. Al Shabaab are extremely sick people and they did this in the name of Islam.


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