A Positive Outcome From The Publicity Surrounding The Zimmerman Case ? Maybe – Marissa Alexander Gets New Trial…

I have to agree here, that Marissa Alexander deserves a re-trial based upon the fact that she was overcharged in the first place. This is another Angela Corey case.

Looking at the facts of the case, I do think that there was reckless endangerment with regards to the children. I do not believe she intended to kill anybody because she fired the shot into the wall.

Marissa Alexander attempted to claim that this was a stand your ground case, but the judge dismissed this attempt on the grounds that she walked out of the house, to the car to get the gun. Under the rules of stand your ground, Alexander was able to get away by simply getting in the car. By walking back into the house with the gun Marissa Alexander negated her own SYG defence.

I do not believe that this was a self-defence case either, because there was no actual violence (but there might have been a threat of violence from the husband).

The 20 year sentence imposed on Marissa Alexander was ridiculous, therefore I do believe that the Court of Appeal has it correct, and a re-trial is a good outcome.


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