A righteous Kenyan Muslim

Abdul Haji is a righteous Muslim. He was not inside the Westgate mall, but he went there to help. He rescued a mother and her three children.

IBA has the best write-up of this story and they provide a link to an interview with this man.

Abdul Haji is the son of the former Kenyan Security official. Obviously in his family, the security of his nation means something. On top of that this man did not hestitate to risk his life to save the lives of other people, regardless of whether or not they were Muslims. He acted in what can only be called a “Christian” and courageous way. The selflessness of his actions in attempting to rescue people is an indication of this man’s goodness.

There are other Muslims who also assisted in some way. There is another iconic picture that shows a Muslim woman helping another woman who was rescued. These are the people who are not radicals with regard to religion.

UPDATE: Another good summary, without the hype is Powerline. There are gory pictures of dead bodies, and there is a gory description of what was faced by soldiers and doctors when they entered the Mall.

Every single person who died as a result of this siege, except for the dead terrorists is a martyr. What they endured in the way of torture is absolutely sickening, and even the early Christians did not endure anything like this. The animals who have been captured need to be dealt with in a very harsh manner. I hope that the Kenyan justice system will treat them harshly and that there will be a death sentence.

UPDATE: A young Muslima is also righteous

The story being told by this 15 year old Muslima is worth telling as well. She did not stand up and tell the terrorists that she was Muslim. Instead she stayed with her friend, she was shot, and she helped get her friend to safety. Even when she saw her mother, she was not thinking of her self.  This girl’s actions were those of a very righteous young woman.

I was struck by the way she mentioned the woman who tried to calm those with her, that “Jesus would protect them.”  Yes, Jesus protected all of them because of the faith of that woman. They came out of the horror injured but alive.

This girl, by staying with her friends, was willing to give up her life for them. That is a truly remarkable young woman.

UPDATE: More Heroes emerge

This time it is another former soldier, an Irish Ranger, who works in Africa. He saved hundreds of lives. To this I add that the 2 Asian men who gave this hero and another former soldier, guns, then the four of them performed extraordinary rescues. The former Irish Ranger not only rescued hundreds of shoppers, he also used his paramedic skills to help the wounded.


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