Islam means submission

The word “Islam” does not mean PEACE. The word “Islam” means submission.  Theo Van Gogh was murdered because he did a documentary based upon this actual meaning of the word. He was murdered because the adherents or Islam are extremely intolerant. The only thing that they know is to attempt to force everyone to convert to a stone age cult that causes people to submit to the illogical things associated with that cult.

In case you have not read about it, Saudi imams (I will not call them clerics because they are not priests who offer sacrifice of any kind), claim that women who drive hurt their ovaries. What stuff and nonsense!!

There are lessons to be learned from the disgusting events in Kenya, where it is estimated that more than 100 people lost their lives. The first to be killed by those monsters got off lightly. It is what happened to the remaining hostages that is really horrific. People were gunned down if they could not give the name of the whore who gave birth to the pedophile cattle thief and murderer.  Others had their hands chopped off, men were castrated, eyeballs were gouged from their sockets, some were beheaded and others were hanged. The scene was totally devastating, and I feel sure that many who had to go into to that death scene will be having nightmares over what they saw there.

The zealotry of Al-Shabaab and also of Boko Haram is something that is totally vile. These zealots believe that people who are not a part of Islam, regardless of being Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or other, must die if they do not convert. Al-Shabaab claim that the massacre at the mall was only about the fact that Kenya is fighting them in Somalia.  However, that is only a ruse where the political reason is mixed in with the religious reason. This form of zealotry is in fact consistent with the activities of the peodophile murdering thief who founded the islamic cult.  One only has to look at the history of mohammed the pedophile and the fact that he slaughtered Jews, and anyone who did not convert to his cult to understand that Al-Shabaab is imitating their founder.  Boko Haram has been going around slaughtering students, with the last count being 41 who were killed as they lay sleeping in a dormitory.

The proponents of Islam pretend to westerners that islam means peace. What we understand by the word peace is a far cry from what islam means by peace. To them, you get peace when you submit to them. If you do not submit to islam then you will continue to endure the torture and the mayhem until you do submit. There is no other solution where islam is concerned.

The Judeo-Christian culture has not been perfect. We have had our wars allegedly in the name of religion. Guess what, most of those wars were not in the name of religion at all, not even the Crusades were totally in the name of religion.  Politics was in fact the true reason behind those wars.

To most of us the Crusades were something that happened a long time ago. We understood that the reason was due to the Muslims attempting to get hold of the Holy Land, and that the region had to be protected from the invading barbarians. What was not told to us happens to be that at the time there was a “king of Jerusalem” who was allied to all the other kings and princes of Europe, and that they went to the Holy Land, not to protect the lands but to give the region back to the family who had inherited the lands (the wife of Guy was in fact the real heiress, and when she died, Guy no longer had a claim on the land).

Even the Crusade declared against the Albigenses of Languedoc was not strictly about religion, although this was a strong element, but it was very much something that was political.  The Albigenses were considered to be anarchists at the time. They were seen to be a disruptive element by the townspeople where they existed in places such as Toulouse. It is not hard to understand why the townspeople were in fact ready to kill them before the Inquistors came to town!!

Even in our own time there have been “religious” wars. However, I will actually question whether or not what took place in Ireland was in fact only about religion or whether it was in fact about political freedom. Yes there is a religious element, and Catholics everywhere seem to continue to endure the bigotry of certain groups of individuals. This bigotry has not ceased for more than 500 years. Much of it is based upon nonsense perpetrated by ignorant inviduals who tell lots and lots of lies about the Catholic faith. ( it is not my purpose here to bring up those lies but I have seen sufficient to be totally disgusted with the liars who put out books that are full of lies).

The fact is that the disunity within Christendom makes it easier for islam to be triumphant. If Christians cannot unite against the enemy that is islam then we will end up as the defeated and we will be forced to either submit to the theocracy of a pedophile murdering cattle thief, or we die.


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