Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the White Widow

Samantha Lewthwaite is a savage. Her first husband was one of the London bombers. Her second husband was recently killed. Now it seems that she secretly married a Kenyan former navy officer. I suspect that she might have killed the man who was known as Al-Ameriki recently because he was attempting to prevent the Westgate Mall massacre. With regard to this man, there had been a falling out between him and other members of Al-Shabaab. They made several attempts on his life and were only successful several weeks prior to what is one of the most horrific massacres committed by Islamist extremists.

It now appears that Lewthwaite was the mastermind of the Westgate Mall massacre. Evidence that is becoming available suggests that she had rented a shop in the Mall a few months ago, and that she had pasted newspaper over the window pretending to stock the shelves with goods.

Other evidence points to Lewthwaite living in South Africa under an assumed name, and that she was seen casing various embassies in South Africa.

The news gets grimmer because many of those involved in the massacre managed to escape via the sewers leading out of the mall. It looks like there was a lot of precision planning for the whole thing.

One more piece of information about this disgusting bitch, is that she managed to escape by smearing the blood of her victims on herself.

Other news refers to what happened to the children who were attending the cooking competition. One 16 year old spoke to her father on the phone only moments before a bullet struck her in the head. Other children were shot up to 5 times. Then there are the horror stories about how some were stabbed to death, and their bodies placed in the freezers.

The savages responsible for this massacre deserve to have what they did to their victims done to them… and I include Samantha Lewthwaite in that comment.

UPDATE:  I have written a commentary which will probably become a series on the subject of the ideology and violence of Islam at this location.  I do not want to do too much on this subject at this blog.

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