Cold case – arrest in the Baby Hope mystery

It is not my role to comment too much upon the illegal immigrant problem in the USA (and your problem is worse than ours). However, this case is yet another example of why it is necessary to not give in and allow citizenship to illegal entrants.

The gist of the story is that the body of a 4 year old girl was found in New York and the police were unable to identify her. The child was emaciated and she had been murdered.  A recent tip off, due to someone overhearing another woman at a laundromat has led to police solving this cold case mystery leading to the arrest of a man who was a relative of the dead child. The little girl’s name was Anjellica Castillio. The wife of a detective had purchased a burial gown for the child, and detectives arranged for her burial by paying for a plot and a tombstone. Anjellica can now rest in peace because her murderer is on the way to being charged with her murder… and knowing how prison populations just love men who molest and kill children… I wonder if this man will ever be brought to trial.

Amazingly, I learned from Australian media that the alleged killer, who was a cousin of the child was an illegal immigrant.

I do not want to get into details of the actual crime here. They are bad enough and do make me feel sick. What I want to emphasize in the story is the fact that yet again we have a person who had illegally entered the USA from Mexico committing a violent crime. He had gone undetected since the 1990s, probably because the whole family were illegal immigrants.

Something needs to be done to resolve the issue. Some might not like how this should be resolved, but it might be necessary to once again go down that path in order to flush out similar groups of people. I am not talking about full-blown amnesty either. I am thinking that you need a new scheme that will allow green card entry for the itinerant workers, but there would be a lot of conditions such as:

1. workers granted entry via green card for itinerant farm harvest work must travel to the USA via a bus that will take them to the alloted farms for the work.

2. the farm employer must provide accommodation and food for these itinerant workers.

3. A bit harsh, but I would actually suggest a GPS bracelet so that their movements are tracked at all times whilst in the USA.

4. No family members are to accompany the itinerant worker.

I would put a limit on the number of years that this employment card could be issued that would allow the worker who has shown himself or herself to be of good character some lattitude, and be placed on a path to full immigration and potential citizenship. I would suggest at least 5 years before any new steps are taken.

However, the above would also be dependant upon the availability or lack thereof, of American citizens not being available to do the intinerant work. That means seeking to employ the unemployed American citizens first.

I hear the argument that these illegals do the work that no one else is willing to do but I think that the argument is b.s.  The employers do not want to employ Americans for their own reasons.

This is where I believe in working for the “dole” or unemployment benefits. If there is itinerant work available on farms then people collecting unemployment benefits need to be put to work, and if they are able-bodied and unwilling to do the farm work, then I would suggest that their benefits get cut off.

These are harsh measures but something needs to be done. Something has to be done to stop the employment of the illegal entrants. If it takes harsh measures to put an end to the trade, then so be it.

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