The National Park Service: Practicing For the Revolution?

This analysis by Mike is excellent and it fits well into the title of my blog. As I have stated, there are wars at all sorts of levels, not just on a world wide scale!!

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The banality of evil.  The concept is generally conceded to have come from Hannah Arendt’s 1963 book about the Jerusalem trial of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann. Arendt’s insight was that Eichmann, like a great many Germans that committed virtually unspeakable atrocities, was not a drooling, monstrous fanatic, but a common bureaucrat that fully accepted the premises of the ruling elite he served.  This was all that was necessary for innumerable bureaucrats to devote their energies to any number of horrific crimes, including the efficient murder of millions.

The totalitarian impulse is strong, but its burdens are great.  In any political system, there will always be people that will fully support those in power, not only because they are true believers, but because unquestioned loyalty and obedience has its rewards, particularly in a chaotic society.  As a society sinks ever more deeply into despotism, however, the attendant problems increase.  There…

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