First Came Australia, Now Comes France, Yes FRANCE – Conservative FN Party Surging and French Media Astounded….

I am reblogging this because there are some very obvious errors in thinking.
The French extreme right headed by Marine Le Pen has nothing in common with the Australian Liberal Party. They are not even on the same page. The issues surrounding the Australian election are a far cry from those of the French election, except perhaps the issue of illegal entrants.
The major issue that decided the Australian election was not immigration. It was in fact the carbon tax and of course the lunacy of the Greens.

However, I do not want to undervalue the fact that many of us also were upset with the constant flow of illegal entrants who were heading to Australia by boat via Indonesia. This is an issue that needs further exposition because the result post election is intriguing to say the least.
I should point out that the real world-wide issue is people smuggling and human trafficking. Until this issue is fully tackled by other governments then the illegals will keep trying to reach those other countries where they think that the grass is greener.

So, no.. it was not first Australia, it was in fact first came Spain.

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