Fires in NSW

More than 100 homes have been lost due to bushfires in NSW. The majority of the losses have been in the Blue Mountains, with Winmalee bearing the brunt of the losses. Today, the RFS have been working to save St. Columban High School in Springwood. I will point out here that there is more at stake than just the high school because the property also houses the primary school as well as the church and the priest’s residence. The property also served as a seminary in the past but the seminary had to close down because of asbestos in the building. Actually, I do know the property, very well. It is a long story as to how I know the property and you will just have to take my word that I do know it very well.

It is the other fire that is of concern to me personally because it is one that is hard to put out. This is the fire that has been flaring on the Central Coast of NSW. On Thursday one man lost his life when he was attempting to save his property in Munmorah. He had a heart attack.

The reason that this is personal is that Munmorah is very close to where I am currently living. For the moment we remain safe. However, this fire is of concern. It started more than a month ago on what is known as Rutley’s Road. It dies down but it flares again when temperatures are raised. The reason for this occurring is that there is a just below the surface coal seam that is affected. The fire itself has tentacles. So far it has been pushing northward because of the southerly winds. However, if we get a northerly then we could end up in trouble.

So far as I am aware this man is the only one to have died as a result of these bushfires.

Please note, none of these fires are due to the effects of Globull Warming.


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