The Left is about class warfare, not those economically disadvantaged

It is a myth to state that those on the Left side of politics are all for the people who are economically disadvantage. There are many reasons as to why I consider it to be a myth. However, my purpose here is to write about Australian politics because I think that the last 6 years have exposed once and for all they myth that the Left are the only ones who have regard for those who are economically disadvantaged.

There is no better example of an area where people who are on relatively upper low incomes than that of the Penrith area and its surrounds in NSW. The Central Coast of NSW also fits into this category because a lot of people who lived in the West of Sydney have in fact moved to the Central Coast for lifestyle and retirement reasons. These people are what I happily call the workers, and yes they do work hard, but they do not have the income of the lawyers and others who get good income.

Left wing people brag that they are for the workers, but even unions these days are all about the union leaders and not for those who are struggling to make ends meet.  In Australia the myth was exploded when the ALP government introduced a carbon tax that ripped even more money out of the pockets of people struggling to pay off a mortgage. We went into the election knowing that we were going to punish a number of the MPS. There was one surprise seat, that of Reid, and there was another that fell which has a very small margin. However, there was one seat where the incumbent fell by quite a large margin,

The issues surrounding the Australian election were numerous but the things that stood out happened to be the attitudes of the leaders. Julia Gillard is a Marxist. She pretended that she had no association with the Communist Party and she covered up her role in the group known as the Socialist Forum, where in fact she was a key member of the group. The Socialist Forum members were in the Communist Party before it disbanded. Kevin Rudd is in fact a closet Marxist. He is more subtle than Gillard. Wayne Swan said many things that proved that he is a Marxist… I could go on and mention each one that has Marxist leanings but there is no point to doing that and instead I want to outline the difference in the two major parties and why it is that the party that is supposed to be of the right is in fact the party of the little people.

The terms of Right/Left were supposed to be about privilege vs the underdog. The Liberal Party does in fact get donations from wealthy people but then again the ALP and even the Watermelon Party aka the Greens also gets donations from extremely wealthy people. From this aspect there is no different between the two sides and it helps to show why the Righ/Left terminology is a myth.

What is increasingly obvious is the policies of each party and how those policies, when implemented actually help disadvantaged people rather than making them even more disadvantaged. One glaringly obvious example is the way that Tony Abbott reached out to those on lower incomes whilst Julia Gillard in particular remained aloof in her belief that she is a part of the elite. The elitist attitude of the ALP/Greens had become extremely irritating and they were not listening to the people who elected them in the first place.

Tony Abbott is the son of an Englishman who migrated to Australia. In other words he is a ten pound Pom. By profession, his father was an orthodonist, and obviously a wealthy man. Tony went to one of the best Catholic schools in Sydney, Riverwood. He then went to Sydney University where he studied Economics/Law and received First class honours. He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship, which is only awarded to the best of all the students in Australia in any given year. (Robert Hawke, also known as Bob Hawke is another Rhodes Scholar). Tony then went to England where he continued his studies in Political Science. He has the education that would make the likes of Gillard and Swan extremely envious.  There is so much one can tell about Tony Abbott, that is he has rescued people from a burning building and also rescued people from the sea. In both cases he did not hesitate to risk his own life in an effort to save others in trouble. Every year Tony Abbott spends a week at an Aboriginal Community in the northern part of Australia where he helps them in a practical way. He is a member of the Australian Lifesaving Clubs and yes he performs lifeguard duties. He is a member of the Rural Fire Service or RFS. In fact he is the Captain of his unit, and this last weekend he participated in the effort to fight bushfires raging in the Sydney area. The more I hear about Tony Abbott, the more I like him as a person.

Tony Abbott in fact embodies the real meaning of Social Justice. This phrase “social justice” is one that has been hijacked by the left wing. They seem to think that they are the only ones who do anything about social justice. In fact what they do nothing positive to help people with their policies. They get people on the government teat and then they take away their benefits, leaving them high and dry. This is what happened to the single mothers whose children are over a certain age. The real problem happens to be that a single mother gets a pension if she is not working. Being on a pension has its extra benefits including lower electricity rates, paying lower doctor bills (only $5 discount I might add), lower payments for medicines, lower public transport costs. When the pension is taken away as it was for single mothers in the last budget, it means that all of the extras are lost and that leads to an economic strain for women trying to raise a family without that extra bread-winner member of the family. In some cases the women are not in a position to return to work for health reasons.

The social welfare system in Australia is at breaking point. It is not the fault of these single mothers that the system is at breaking point, although I would argue that it is the fault of some of the single mothers within a certain ethnic group and ideology. (I am not going there at the moment). The real problem has come because the ALP stopped protecting our borders and allowed thousands of people who are country shoppers into our country. These people have been placed on welfare, thus they have become a burden to the taxpayer. I believe the correct term to use for this situation is Jizyah. The influx of such people has also overloaded our health system and especially our hospitals.  Another aspect of this overload is the fact that Australian women who need emergency shelter are denied that shelter because these economic illegal migrants have been given priority. This is the legacy of the ALP/Greens policies over the last 6 years. It means that even in the lower income brackets people are hurting, a lot. They are stressed to their eyeballs as they seek to find the money to pay their bills and the ever increasing costs associated with gas and electricity supply.

The ALP introduced the absurd carbon tax. The obvious impact has been an increase in both gas and electricity charges. This is despite the fact that carbon dioxide is a necessary component to our life cycle – humans breath out carbon dioxide and plants breathe in carbon dioxide, plants breathe out oxygen and humans breathe in oxygen. Plants are good for the planet. The answer is so simple, plant more trees and plants. However, the ALP/Greens claim that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and therefore carbon (which an element of carbon-dioxide) must be taxed to allegedly lower our emissions. Of course, it has no impact upon the trace gases in the atmosphere.

The ALP/Greens have been scaremongering about climate change. They totally ignore the historical facts about Australia, Yes we do have bush fires every year. What they ignore is that everything goes in cycles, including rainfall and temperatures. If the real temperatures were plotted, and no predictions from computer models were used, one would have no trouble recognizing the trends, and how these trends have a cycle. From experience, I know that the extremely high temperatures occur about every 15-20 years. For example there were temperatures close to 110F in 1939, 1959, 1983 and 2009. We also had some extremely high temperatures in late 2012 and early 2013. However, that is what happens in an Australian summer. During the 1960s Victoria had a dry spell and that meant water restrictions. Then in the 1970s the summer was cold and wet. The 1980s it was back to hot and dry, and so on it has gone. There are other observable trends too. For example, in years where there has been a lot of rain in the summer months, lower rain in the winter months, we have seen an increase in bushfire activity. This is because the undergrowth has been allowed to get out of control.

The Greens are economic vandals. They care nothing for the environment even though they pretend to be environmentalists. They do a lot of scaremongering, and they are responsible for doing damage to crops that are meant to help people in various ways. They deliberately go around destroying experiments with genetically manipulated crops – some examples of those experiments actually shows that these vandals are doing more harm by what they are doing to the actual crop production. One experiment destroyed by these vandals is working on getting a potato that is impervious to potato blight. What these Green vandals ignore is that we have always had genetically manipulated crops. An example is the wheat produced by William Farrer who worked to find a rust resistant crop. The potato crop is just one example. The experiments on wheat crops these days is an effort to produce a wheat crop without gluten.  The vandals destroy the work of scientists because they are the ones who have no real scientific knowledge.

To be continued.


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  1. I have an additional comment to make here about Tony Abbott. When he was Health Minister back in 2006 he pushed forward on a regulation that allows women with arthritis to receive a very expensive drug. There are some hoops and one must follow he regimen before being eligible for this other medication. Once again this shows that it is the conservative side of politics who cares about the little people in making such things affordable.