Spying on one’s “friends” can make enemies

I have not mentioned the antics of Snowden and I do not want to give that man credit for anything. I remain with my current stance with regard to some forms of whistleblowing (I have been an indavertant whistleblower and I am sympathetic to most causes for whistleblowing, but taking secret documents is something that leaves me cold).

The German Chancellor, Angel Merkel has revealed that someone was spying on her cellphone conversations. She is rightfully angry that this had taken place.

Who is to blame? When did it happen? How recent was the last time that someone listened to her conversations?

The fact is that the spying has damaged the credibility of the USA. There can only be one person to blame if the spying was of recent origin.

The USA is denying that it also spied on the French, but is that a credible denial?

The damage done by this present White House Administration to the reputation of the USA in the rest of the world is such that I doubt that such damage can be repaired…. Thanks Barry Soetoro.

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