Is there anything I can do to help?

The Daily Caller is reporting that Congress has written to several companies to see if they have been asked to give assistance re: the debacle of the Abominablecare website. Two companies, Amazon and Microsoft have indicated that they sent emails offering to help with the site. It is not encouraging to learn that they were more or less knocked back over the offer. Other companies who have been approached regarding the debacle include Oracle, Google, Verizon and Expedia.

Google has the expertise in some areas including web design. I do not know the expertise of Verizon but I assume that they have expertise in setting up websites. What I do know from experience is Oracle.

Oracle is a company that has a lot of expertise in database financial and distribution software. I have briefly explained here about what happened when I was at Dataflow and how the changeover to a new system plus a move from one location to another caused the company to go into liquidation. The changeover software chosen by my colleagues was Oracle’s One World. I have used other database software by Oracle as well as from several other companies including Sun. When I was working I was fast at learning the financial systems, including one that used Microsoft software for its financial and distribution of product.

Basically, what I am saying is that these are companies who have the experts and the experience to study the issues and suggest solutions. However, the current Administration seems to have knocked all of them back. This is ridiculous. They should be glad that these companies were willing to lend their expertise to help with the present issues.

Some of the comments I have been reading about the disaster that is the website that is in crisis has included issues with navigation. All of the above companies have the expertise when it comes to creating software where the operator has to navigate from one location to the other. In particular I point to Oracle as one of the best examples because a lot of commercial companies use their financial packages.

So, why on earth is the Administration knocking back potential assistance from experts in the field of creating financial packages and databases?

One more comment here, Amazon obviously uses their own people to create their databases looking after books, and providing material for the Kindle, so again they have a certain amount of expertise in the creation of databases. Ditto for Google, for they too have expertise in such things as creating search engines. All of this expertise is on standby, so why is it that the Administration is not availing themselves of the best in the business?


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