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The National Park Service: Practicing For the Revolution?

This analysis by Mike is excellent and it fits well into the title of my blog. As I have stated, there are wars at all sorts of levels, not just on a world wide scale!!

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The banality of evil.  The concept is generally conceded to have come from Hannah Arendt’s 1963 book about the Jerusalem trial of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann. Arendt’s insight was that Eichmann, like a great many Germans that committed virtually unspeakable atrocities, was not a drooling, monstrous fanatic, but a common bureaucrat that fully accepted the premises of the ruling elite he served.  This was all that was necessary for innumerable bureaucrats to devote their energies to any number of horrific crimes, including the efficient murder of millions.

The totalitarian impulse is strong, but its burdens are great.  In any political system, there will always be people that will fully support those in power, not only because they are true believers, but because unquestioned loyalty and obedience has its rewards, particularly in a chaotic society.  As a society sinks ever more deeply into despotism, however, the attendant problems increase.  There…

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Cold case – arrest in the Baby Hope mystery

It is not my role to comment too much upon the illegal immigrant problem in the USA (and your problem is worse than ours). However, this case is yet another example of why it is necessary to not give in and allow citizenship to illegal entrants.

The gist of the story is that the body of a 4 year old girl was found in New York and the police were unable to identify her. The child was emaciated and she had been murdered.  A recent tip off, due to someone overhearing another woman at a laundromat has led to police solving this cold case mystery leading to the arrest of a man who was a relative of the dead child. The little girl’s name was Anjellica Castillio. The wife of a detective had purchased a burial gown for the child, and detectives arranged for her burial by paying for a plot and a tombstone. Anjellica can now rest in peace because her murderer is on the way to being charged with her murder… and knowing how prison populations just love men who molest and kill children… I wonder if this man will ever be brought to trial.

Amazingly, I learned from Australian media that the alleged killer, who was a cousin of the child was an illegal immigrant.

I do not want to get into details of the actual crime here. They are bad enough and do make me feel sick. What I want to emphasize in the story is the fact that yet again we have a person who had illegally entered the USA from Mexico committing a violent crime. He had gone undetected since the 1990s, probably because the whole family were illegal immigrants.

Something needs to be done to resolve the issue. Some might not like how this should be resolved, but it might be necessary to once again go down that path in order to flush out similar groups of people. I am not talking about full-blown amnesty either. I am thinking that you need a new scheme that will allow green card entry for the itinerant workers, but there would be a lot of conditions such as:

1. workers granted entry via green card for itinerant farm harvest work must travel to the USA via a bus that will take them to the alloted farms for the work.

2. the farm employer must provide accommodation and food for these itinerant workers.

3. A bit harsh, but I would actually suggest a GPS bracelet so that their movements are tracked at all times whilst in the USA.

4. No family members are to accompany the itinerant worker.

I would put a limit on the number of years that this employment card could be issued that would allow the worker who has shown himself or herself to be of good character some lattitude, and be placed on a path to full immigration and potential citizenship. I would suggest at least 5 years before any new steps are taken.

However, the above would also be dependant upon the availability or lack thereof, of American citizens not being available to do the intinerant work. That means seeking to employ the unemployed American citizens first.

I hear the argument that these illegals do the work that no one else is willing to do but I think that the argument is b.s.  The employers do not want to employ Americans for their own reasons.

This is where I believe in working for the “dole” or unemployment benefits. If there is itinerant work available on farms then people collecting unemployment benefits need to be put to work, and if they are able-bodied and unwilling to do the farm work, then I would suggest that their benefits get cut off.

These are harsh measures but something needs to be done. Something has to be done to stop the employment of the illegal entrants. If it takes harsh measures to put an end to the trade, then so be it.

The shutdown farce – it is nothing more than bullying

I have been taking an interest in the shutdown farce. In every single case of what is termed a national park, there has been a situation that is not only farcical but it shows the extent of the bullying being carried out by Barry Soetoro and his minions. Today, I note that there have been some “victories” and those victories have meant that the most ludicrous of the shutdowns are almost over. Please excuse the tone of my post, but I feel so angry about how the whole thing is being portrayed.

There have been some successful applications through the courts that have led to the re-opening of what should not have been closed in the first place. One of these was a field where children and youth play lacrosse. The land was leased by a State authority. The parents went to court and they have a court order that allowed the field to be re-opened. The Pigsah Inn has also managed to negotiate with the NPS to allow it to re-open.

But wait, there are more monuments being re-opened. First more than 100 people stormed the Lincoln Memorial and removed the barriers which should never have been placed there in the first place. Good for them!!  CNN is reporting that the following monuments will also re-open: the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. Governor Cuomo has remarked that every day the Statue of Liberty is closed there is a massive loss of tourist dollars.  The State of New York is paying for the Statue of Liberty to be re-opened. My question is: why is it that New York was not funding this in the first place? Why surrender this to the Federal authorities?

Of all the closures, Mt. Rushmore was amongst the most ludicrous. National Park Rangers are not necessary. What they did was to place cones so that people could not stop to view Mt. Rushmore. This action makes a joke out of the whole shutdown issue because people were employed to place those cones on the roads, and to prevent people using the stopping areas to take their pictures.

There has been a lot of nastiness shown by NPS employees towards the public as a whole. Since this is the case, these people should be thrown out of their jobs because of the level of their partisanship. They are obviously not needed to perform the more serious forestry work, so let them go.  This nastiness got out of hand in Yellowstone National Park where tourists were locked in their hotel, and were not allowed to take pictures. In fact the female employee who acted like a Nazi to foreign tourists should be given a DCM (Don’t Come Monday).

The NPS had no right to shut down any war memorial. The veterans have been treated in a very shabby way with the barriers that were placed across their memorials. They also had no right to shut down privately owned businesses that operate within the National Parks.

Perhaps the answer to this ludicrous display of pettiness and nastiness is for the States to demand that the functions for looking after the parks be returned to the States, and that the Federal government be stripped of all authority relating to such parks and memorials.

Throwing people out of their homes, using guns against tourists, refusing the veterans the opportunity to view their memorials that were paid for out of private funds is proof that the White House Administration is nothing more than petty bullies who should be prosecuted under the RICO ACT.

Healthcare – how it is misunderstood

This post is meant for a wide ranging audience because Australia has “healthcare” which is more or less different from the U.K.  I am writing this post because I noticed the ignorance of the letter writers being published in the Daily Telegraph on a subject that the letter writer does not fully understand.

First of all let me start with what I consider the most insidious of what has been included in what I have termed Abominablecare. This is the tax on medical appliances. The question to be asked: what is a medical appliance as classified by the various medical Acts etc. etc.? The answer is somewhat complex and I am likely to leave out a number of appliances if I try to list them. These appliances are not cheap. For example: orthotics required for foot problems such as plantar fasciitis cost more than $500. In Australia this cost is not covered under the general health insurance called Medicare. It is covered by private health insurance at 85% of the total cost but the total you get back is $500.  Another appliance is the CPAP machine, which is also not cheap, ranging from about $1500 to at least $2800. This is not covered by the general health fund but by the private health fund, up to $500.  As you can see from the Australian system there are significant out of post expenses just for these two appliances. The medical appliances also include artificial limbs. However, I do not have a list of everything that comes under the definition. With these appliances already costing a lot of money with significant out of pocket expenses when they are required, one can see how a tax on top of the appliance cost is insidious and can put the required item out of reach for the ordinary taxpayer, householder etc.  (FYI – I need orthotics because of issues with my feet, and I have been wearing the same since the 1980s; I am now using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, as is my husband; my daughter in law has an artificial leg, but that cost is covered by the New Zealand government).

I have laid out the above for one purpose only and that is to show that even with “universal coverage” the consumer is left with massive out of pocket expenses when it comes to requiring such life saving equipment as a CPAP machine. It is also to point out that a new tax on these items is burdensome to the general public and it will hurt not just the supplier but also those in need of such items.

The issue as stated by the ignorant has been framed around the notion that somehow people who are not insured do not have access to medical services but of course we know that is not true. In Australia we have the right to go to any doctor we want. Medicare covers 85% of the recommended fee for that service. Now if I attended a lung specialist where the charge for the appointment is more than $100, this does not mean that I get back 85% of the actual cost of the bill. It means that I get back 85% of the scheduled fee. It means a gap of up to $60 that I must cover out of what is available for grocery money. This is the same for attending a rheumatologist where the gap would be of a similar amount.  It is because of the structure of the legislation that I cannot get a full refund because the health funds are not allowed to offer gap insurance.

I mention this because in the period before Medibank was introduced and then prior to the introduction of Medicare, we could get 100% coverage for our doctor fees. It is the scheduled fee that remains unrealistic.

Not everything is covered by Medicare in Australia. In fact there are professional medical consultants not covered under Medicare legislation such as podiatrists, pyschologists, dieticians, physiotherapists. They are however covered in very limited circumstances. Dental is not covered under Medicare and once again in each of these cases private health insurance covers some, but not all of the costs up to a limited dollar amount each year. Optometry is now covered by Medicare, but the cost of getting new lenses is not covered.

The cost of prescriptions is another matter that is vastly different from the U.K experience as well as the U.S. experience. In those countries there are prescription drugs that cost far less than in Australia. Lyrica is one of those drugs. When it was not covered by the NHS scheme and first introduced into Australia it had a cost of more than $100. In other words it was cost prohibitive for those on a lower income (myself included and I had to limit when I took the drug). There are plenty of examples where the cost of a drug in the UK is minimal but in Australia we are paying more than $30 for a prescription. The current cost of a script is more than $37 which applies where the drugs cost more than that amount, but if it costs lower then we pay the lower amount, yet that lower amount is still more than the cost in the UK or the USA for a lot of drugs. There are a lot of out of pocket expenses if one requires prescription drugs on a regular basis.

It is worth noting that Australians have never paid for others to have the pill. All drugs are in fact a private expense. The only thing that is regulated is how much is charged and if the drug is on the NHS list it means that a component above the the level of the co-payment is then paid by the government. A drug being on the NHS list also means that it counts towards what is known as the safety net. Once that is reached then one pays a smaller amount, that is $5 per script until the end of the year. It is still not totally free.

The word healthcare is misused in my opinion. It is only about insurance and nothing to do with attending doctors. The fact is that we all need health insurance to help pay for the costs of medical proceedures. However, what it does not do is rein in the massive costs for anyone who goes to Emergency for treatment when suddenly struck with an illness or whatever.

Here in Australia, if one goes to a Public Hospital Emergency Department there is no additional charge. If one went to a Private Hospital then there are big charges for any treatment. The real issue is actually the inflated charges for minor treatments. I think that this is the real issue in the USA.

Instead of Abominablecare, I think what was at first required was doing something about limiting the remedies available under litigation for things going wrong and poor doctor services. Yes, I do think that there should be remedies available, but I think that such remedies should have an upper limit, and there should be nothing for what is termed “suffering” because that is the part that is a real lurk. The cost of litigation in the USA has caused things such as doctor medical insurance to surge. It has caused a jump in the cost to the patient, and this has flowed into the cost of insurance.

A universal health scheme is normally one where the scheme is paid for out of taxes. In Australia we pay a levy of 1.5% for the universal health insurance. This is the money that is available to pay for our doctor costs. Some, but not all GPs bulk bill for the doctor visits. When the doctor does not bulk bill we are looking at paying more than $85 per visit to the doctor up front. This is a huge chunk out of the grocery bill.  It is fortunate that in this new location I found a doctor’s surgery where they bulk bill for the patient visit.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that one should not believe the hype coming out of any Marxist letter writer to any paper for the simple reason they are the ones who do not understand all of the issues that are involved. From what I have been reading most people will be forced to pay even higher premiums because of the introduction of Abominablecare, and that is not fair or reasonable.

President Petulant still governing by temper tantrum

“President Obama has officially canceled his trip to Asia. He said he didn’t want to be in Indonesia not doing anything to solve the crisis when he could be in Washington not doing anything to solve it.

“Actually, it’s the perfect time for President Obama to go to Asia. I mean, what better time to leave Joe Biden in charge of the country than during a shutdown?

“This shutdown is hurting everyone. Today, Michelle Obama told fat kids, ‘You’re on your own. Eat a Happy Meal. I don’t care.'” —Jay Leno

“Obama’s exploitation of the government shutdown (never let a good crisis go to waste) is a classic old method mastered by the likes of CPUSA. It’s standard operating procedure. What you’re witnessing is Barack Obama’s ‘shutdown campaign’ — and with the liberal media dutifully on his side to amplify the effort.

“Here today, in our new America, our own federal…

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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 38.2: Counter-Trayvonism

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trayvon-martin-photo-media-george-zimmerman-photo-bias-sad-hill-news2It’s time once again for an update on what has been going on in the apparently never-ending saga of George Zimmerman and the race baiters, criminals and politicians (I know; they’re one-in-the-same) that just can’t leave it alone.  I had hoped, when the trial was finally over, to have a respite, but the show goes on–and on, and on, and on…

You Can’t Sue Me!  I’m Immune!

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Angela Corey is claiming absolute immunity to Florida whistleblower laws.  I wrote about this issue recently, but the Sentinel adds an update:   

Lawyers for State Attorney Angela Corey say she has ‘sovereign immunity’ and are asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed against her in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

Ben Kruidbos, her former information technology director, was fired in June after he testified that prosecutors did not turn over all information to Zimmerman’s…

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Mt. Rushmore’s Underwear

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Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton

We are now seeing incontrovertible evidence that Lord Acton was right.  When a man–any man–gets too much power, they begin to lose their grip on reality.  They actually begin to think themselves god-like and believe their every whim must be obeyed.

Witness the spectacle of President Obama not only shutting down all national parks, but actually erecting “barrycades”–barrycades that must be rented, replete with federal workers who must be paid to put them up and patrol them–to prevent elderly veterans from visiting the WWII and Vietnam Memorials, memorials that have no gates or doors, that simply reside in fields where one may walk to and fro at any time of the day or night.

But the lunacy does not stop there, no, gentle readers.  As I noted in “Barack Obama: No Conventional Politician,” one cannot think of Mr. Obama in such…

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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 38: Angela Corey-It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Woman

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“…Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

Romans 12:19

Many readers of this scruffy little blog have expressed a desire to see Prosecutor Angela Corey pay for her hubris, arrogance, and persecution of the innocent, particular George Zimmerman.  Many others commenting on Corey have expressed the same sentiments rather more forcefully.

I would like to see her removed from office, and whatever other punishment might be meted out would be icing on the cake.  I hope this not because I thirst for vengeance, but for the same reasons we have a criminal justice system: to punish the guilty and to deter those who would harm the innocent.  If Angela Corey and her toadies are removed from the system and/or otherwise sanctioned, other prosecutors might be encouraged to remain within ethical boundaries and might even avoid race-baiting.

Finally, that process appears to have begun.

The indispensable Legal Insurrection…

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