Sorry for light posting

Life has a way of taking sudden twists and turns. Over the past month this sums up what has been taking place in my life. The biggest twist has been the deterioration in my father-in-law’s health which has necessitated a number of trips to go and see him. His location has been about an hour away by car, so in reality it is not very far.

We had a big day where we went to see a lawyer and certain documents were sign relating to power of attorney. I am not involved in any of that but my husband, as the oldest son has signed the document that has not as yet been activated. On the same day we had a lengthy time with our financial planner.

Our youngest son came to visit with our grandson, Nathan. He dropped a bombshell regarding his relationship with the mother of his son. Nathan is a gorgeous and intelligent child and I do hope that this does not affect him as he begins to grow up. I am saddened by this turn of events. I am angry at the female who has done this to my son.

We then arranged for my middle son to come for a quick visit so that he could take his daughter to go see her great-grandfather.  The dramatics began after this took place. Claire is as gorgeous as ever. She is smiling and is a very happy baby. She is attempting to make the effort to crawl, and by this I mean she is doing press-ups :). I placed her on the floor and watched as she moved around in a circle. One day she is going to manage to lift that tummy and she will be off like a rocket.

My father-in-law has been placed into respite care. It is a nice hostel where he is staying. Ok I admit that I had to try very hard to control my desire to laugh when I saw all of the walkers lined up as the residents were having their lunch. I am sorry, but there were images before my eyes, in particular a scene from the Producers, and I really had to control myself when I saw it for real!

Last Sunday we went for an afternoon visit with Brian. In this way we spent time with him, to help him to settle into the environment. We do in fact believe that he has reached the point where his present wife can no longer care for him. He needs stronger and younger hands to attend to all of his needs as he approaches the end of his life.

This is not all that has been occurring or about to occur. For the remainder of the month I have a series of doctor appointments for one thing and another. I have just started to come out of a very nasty arthritis flare. It hit me in the jaw and the ear, and yes it really did hurt, a lot. At the same time it affected my hearing and I am having a difficult time even hearing my husband when he is sitting in the room next to my own. I have an appointment to see an audiologist to get that sorted out.

What I did this week however, was to finally sack the rheumatologist who was such a prick towards me, and I did not get nasty towards the receptionist. When I cancelled the appointment that I had for next year and I was asked if I wanted a new time, I said, No, I am not renewing the referral and I am not coming back. I gave no further explanation :). What I wanted to say was along the lines of how the man is such a prick and that the way that he treated me was disgusting, and that what he did to my medication levels caused me to go backwards, but I did not say what was on my mind. New week I go back to my new doctor.

There are many things happening right now in Australia, and thanks to Snowden Australia has had its own Clayton’s spy scandal involving Indonesia. The “spying” happened in 2009 which meant it happened under the KRUDD and Gillard. It had nothing to do with Tony Abbott, yet Abbott has been slimed with the scandal. There is some court action that is happening across Australia.

Three people are facing action in court: Peter Slipper they yucky person. Craig Thomson the former Member for Dobell, and Bruce Wilson the ex-lover of Julia Gillard. All of these cases are important in their own way. The Wilson case is about documents and legal privilege, where the police are saying that the documents should not have legal privilege because they relate to the commission of a fraud. As it stands, it was Ralph Blewitt whose name appeared and he has already waived legal privilege over the documents. The Thomson case is about to get interesting because the smart ass lawyer has pulled a jurisdictional argument. So it is off to the Victorian Supreme Court on appeal by the DPP. I am hoping that the DPP will be successful and that the Magistrate’s decision will be overturned. (Now where have I heard the need to do that before?). The other case is hopefully going ahead because the man really did intend to commit a crime. He tried using an argument of Parliamentary Privilege to have the fraud charges thrown out. I hope he has not succeeded.

So today, it is off to the doctor to see him about my ears as well as the flare I have just experienced. Then next week I will have several appointments of one thing and another including. Sunday will be the busiest because we have a Family Group gathering in the morning and then we are visiting my father-in-law during the afternoon. Then on Monday I will visit the rheumy followed by a meeting for Family Group leaders….

3 responses to “Sorry for light posting

  1. It is official. I have been in an arthritis flare. Apparently my inflammation indicator was very high when the blood sample was taken on the 21st. So I now have to find the letter that Dr. Potter sent to my GP because he is not sure what happened to his copy. The staff will scan it and then give it back.

    This Friday I am attending a lunch. It is too complicated to explain about the lunch but it has to do with the Family Group Movement.

    Next week I have two appointments on Monday, two appointments on Wednesday and now an appointment with my GP on Friday.

    I might have to cancel the hearing test scheduled for the 18th December because of the situation due to the current flare. I am having trouble hearing.


  2. I will be continuing with light posting. My specialist doctor was not too happy that my CRP was so high. He explained to me that it is a sign that my body is in distress. There is no logical explaination for the high reading other an an arthritis flare. I have not had any infections that would explain things. In the past when it has been up, I can point to having had a cold or something else, but not this time.

    There are issues that I feel uncomfortable with due to the fact that I was so angry with my previous rheumatologist. I see no need to give the details. The fact is, he said I could extend some blood tests to every three months. This of course, was not good enough. I was grumpy and ended up not doing the tests at all. On the day that I went to seen my new rheumatologist I also got the first of the new set of blood tests. I followed this up on the 21st November. The result for what is known as CRP was very high… and I have never seen it as high. My new doctor explained that this was the body crying out for help. I have no explanation for the result because I have not even had so much as a cold, let alone the flu!!


  3. It is never ending at the moment. My father-in-law’s sister passed away yesterday. It looks like someone at a hospital made an error of judgement. She had gone to hospital because of cramps and they sent her home claiming it was probably a virus. Pam asked one of her sons to stay overnight with her, and she passed away some time during the early hours of the morning.

    So, next week will be another round of appointments and perhaps a funeral. I am not sure if my father in law has been informed of his sister’s death. He remains a constant concern for us.