A funny thing happened on the way to….

There is a story on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald about a situation that occurred at Wyong Hospital yesterday.

In the same complex as the hospital there are medical practices, including 3 vampire offices… otherwise known as a collection depot for various laboratories… in this case it is Laverty, Douglass Hanly Moir and Healthscope. The medical practices include Waratah Medical Services plus there are a number of specialists as well as a Dentist, physiotherapist etc. I attend the Waratah Medical Services in that complex.

Yesterday I had yet another appointment, this time it was with the exercise physiologist. To cut a long story short, she is giving me guidance on exercises and stretches that suit my particular situation. The appointment was for 11.00 a.m. and I drove to my appointment as usual, but was stopped from entering the complex by the police who had blocked off the road. Instead, I had to drive home again and contact the clinic where I was due to have an appointment.

When I made contact I was told that they were in lockdown and that a mental patient had escaped and that he was dangerous.

Now I did get a deferred appointment and when I turned up, the story had changed. It turned out that a doctor from Wyong hospital had turned up in a uniform complete with a plastic rifle, which was a costume for a party or something. It seems that a member of the hospital management panicked and sent the hospital into lockdown.

So, I had my appointment and dropped a bit of a bombshell because within a week, between appointments with the exercise physiologist, I discovered that the problem with my right hip is in fact bursitis. I will be having a guided injection of cortisone on 31 December. The injection could hurt…. a lot… but later I hope that there will be relief. This information has been a long time coming and yes I really do feel relief that at last someone tested for it, and diagnosed it based upon clinical evidence.

I should mention here that after sacking my last rheumatologist, that is I cancelled the June 2014 appointment, I feel a lot of contentment. The new person has diagnosed me based upon a clinical assessment that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am in the “early” phase aka there is no damage to any joints because of synovitis. My sereology puts me in the category of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease but clinically I have rheumatoid arthritis. What is not explained is the high CRP reading that I had when I did the monthly blood test in November.

If I had stayed with the other doctor what turned up on the blood test would not have been recorded. This other doctor, the one I call a real prick, said that getting the blood test done every 3 months was good enough. It clearly is not good enough to have it at 3 monthly intervals. He ignored all of my symptoms and claimed I had nothing more than fibrositis or fibromyalgia. The letter he sent to my G.P. was absolutely pathetic, and it had some very incorrect information. I thought that he badgered me into giving some responses that were in fact not correct. On top of that he simply dismissed me by saying that he would review me in 12 months when I was not very well at all, and especially in summer I do not do very well healthwise – I tend to retain fluid and my feet swell for starters. In my view this is clearly not fibromyalgia.

So, in a strange way, I got caught up with that incident at the Wyong hospital 🙂

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