Russia, Crimea… and that fool in the White House

I am not ready to return to writing at this point in time. However, I feel the need to comment upon the crisis in the Ukraine.

How many have read the final book written by Tom Clancy. I admit that I have not read it… and I am trying to think of a way to read my husband’s Kindle copy. I mention this book because what is playing out in the Ukraine was the subject of the Tom Clancy model.

What I also want to address is the fool in the White House. The man is beneath contempt. There is little I can say about his foolishness and his approach to the crisis. Obviously Putin could not care less about what that fool has to say.. and the Iranians feel the same way. The fool has no power. He has taken away American legitimacy in such situations.


2 responses to “Russia, Crimea… and that fool in the White House

  1. I agree with all you said but most of all, I hope you will recover soon. I doubt that there is anything we can do about the Russian situation with Obama in charge.