RIP Brian

This is just a note to let you know that my father-in-law passed away at around 8.30 pm Saturday 15 March. He was 86 years young.

We were due to go and see him this morning and take our youngest son and grandson with us. Alas we really should have made the effort yesterday to go there instead of delaying and keeping to our plan.. such is life.

Brian’s health started to deteriorate after he had to give up his driver’s licence. From that time we began to really notice his decline, especially when he refused to even go shopping with his wife (she is not my mother-in-law because Fay passed away many years ago). In November Brian was placed in a facility for respite care. During that time his younger sister, Pam passed away. By the time of her funeral on 18 December, Brian was in a wheelchair.  Within the past month another relative Betty, also passed away. Brian continued to rapidly deteriorate. He was sent to the hospital a few times but on the last occasion he failed to respond to antibiotic treatment for an infection. When we saw him last Sunday he did not respond to our presence, having slipped into unconciousness again. Brian was sent back to the aged care facility where it was that he would pass away within days.  He crossed into eternal life last night.

2 responses to “RIP Brian

  1. I am so sorry.


    • thank you Jordan. All is fine here as we take a deep breath and relax after a very harrowing time being worried about Brian’s deterioration over last year.

      He is in a better place.