How can a large aircraft disappear?

The mystery involving the disappearance of the Malaysian airlines flight from the skies near Vietnam continues to tease us because there remains no sign of the aircraft anywhere. To cap this off there has been a number of bizarre theories about what might have happened. There are no signs of wreckage and that means that at this point in time a mid-air explosion has been discounted.

What remains? Well, that is part of the mystery involving this particular flight. First, there is focus on the pilot who apparently is a supporter of the former Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. For those who have not bothered to look up the historical context, the current Malaysian government got rid of Anwar Ibrahim by bringing up false charges of sodomy against him. When the charges were first heard Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty by the Malaysian kangaroo court, but then he had other charges overturned. It was the overturning of the overturning of the charges that was supposed to have upset the captain of the aircraft.

At this point in time I have a floating red flag when it comes to blaming the pilot for what looks like a deliberate hijacking of the aircraft. I find the current explanation to be a little bit too glib for my taste and sensibilities. Why would a man who makes good money as an aircraft captain, and I might add who has a collection of aircraft models do something like suddenly deciding he was going to hijack the aircraft which he loves to fly? The reasons given are plausible, but what is screaming at me is the fact that this explanation sounds like one that is meant to shift blame onto the opposition of the current Malaysian Prime Minister, especially Anwar Ibrahim.  The missing link for me is the amount of planning that would be required to hijack the plane. The pilot would have had to work out in advance what he was going to do, well in advance and I would suspect that he would need the co-operation of other aircrew to carry the whole thing off.

What are the alternative explanations? Still focusing on the air crew, there is the co-pilot who is a bit of a young buck with an eye for the girls. The co-pilot is described by the leader of his mosque as a good boy, a good Muslim. Should that description ring alarm bells? He is yet another Malaysian who is the son of wealthy Malaysian parents who are also trusted by the Malaysian government. What is alarming is the description “A good Muslim” and the implications of such a description. Could one who likes to be a playboy and who invites young females into the cockpit have changed into another form of fanatic? I am not sure that this is the case.

The last known location of the aircraft might shed some light about who is on board the flight. The location near the Andaman Islands should also get people thinking. Forget about a flight to either Pakistan or Afghanistan  in this instance or at least for the time being. Also, I do not believe that the aircraft flew south towards Australia, with a reach only as far as the Cocos Islands. To the east of where the plane was traced via the pings lies the Xian province of China, and that is the location of the Muslim Uighar population.

I think it is possible, even probably that the aircraft landed somewhere in Xian Province in China. However, I could be very wrong on that score. In my defence for that belief is the fact that the flight path taken by the low flying aircraft led it directly to the Xian province of China. There is a Uighar on board that aircraft and he has simulator flight training experience. I remain open to the possibility that this person could have had accomplices among the passengers and that anything might have happened when the transponders were turned off.

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  1. How can a large aircraft disappear? More proof that there is a Power greater than ourselves and I bet you that He knows.