The Obama legacy…. Neville Chamberlain

Anyone familiar with history should know the significance of the above statement regarding what could be the real legacy of the fraud Barry Soetoro and his usurpation of the White House.  The name Neville Chamberlain should send shivers up and down the spine. It is not because Neville Chamberlain was a bad person but due to Neville Chamberlain not having the political nous to see through a German with the name Adolph Hitler.

There is a lot to be said about the consequences that will arise out of the Barry Soetoro years. It is not my intention to cover the majority of those negatives, BUT I do want to cover what looks to be a looming crisis as Vladmir Putin seeks to annexe more and more of the Baltic states that had once been under the control of the Soviet Union.

First things first, though, I think that I am a dope because I was so easily misled by the ethnic Russians who live in the Crimea. The Australian media or should I just say the media had interviews with what were purported to be ethnic Russians living in the Ukraine. They were all very keen to return to Mother Russia. It was a very big propaganda push that was meant to pave the way for a vote that was almost 100 per cent in favour of seceding from the Ukraine and returning to Russia. It was very convincing propaganda.

Today, however, I have second thoughts regarding my own attitude, that if the people of Crimea want to identify with Russia, then let them, since they chose that path of their own free will. The reason for my own change of mind is the more chilling news that Putin is now eyeing off Estonia.

This report from an online Australian news site is worth a read. Of special interest is the short history lesson, indicating that Adolph Hitler played the same kind of annexation games as Neville Chamberlain stood by and allowed it all to happen. There are some very strong parallels to consider between the actions of Vladmir Putin and the non-action or rather the paper tiger reaction of Barry Soetoro and that of Adolph Hitler and of Neville Chamberlain. Hitler also sent in his troops prior to forced annexation.

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  1. There is no one here to stand up to Russia.