Fort Hood shooting

There has been another incident at Fort Hood in Texas.  According to news reports there are injuries.

Rather than speculate about the possible perpetrator (I think I know who this individual might be because his name cropped up on the MyPet Jawa site), I will wait until further details are given. From what I have seen on one news site the perpetrator is dead.

I will update this post when more information is available.

UPDATE: via The Jawa Report – the shooter has been identified as Spc Ivan Lopez. I have seen conflicting reports on the number of dead, Jawa Report says 4 but others are reporting as many as 8 or even 14. I think this is the usual misinformation at work.

According to Howie, this time terrorism has not been ruled out. Lopez worked as a truck driver in the army and was being treated for depression at Fort Worth. This could be chalked up to PTSD, but he was not diagnosed as such at the time that he went on a shooting rampage. I think a family background check is needed before anyone can guess or comment as to why Lopez decided to kill other soldiers.

Depression is a very strange thing because for many being depressed means feeling sad all the time. Some people end up feeling suicidal. In some instances a background check will reveal drug use, including marijuahna that might have caused the depression to take hold. There are several forms of depression including what is known as clinical depression as well as manic-depression or what is commonly called bi-polar disorder.  There are many variables to consider in such situations.

Something else to consider is that sometimes people behave in a certain way with the express intention of ending up dead, but not at their own hands. These are the people who are the most likely to initiate a suicidal rampage and seem determined to take out as many other people as they can before dying.

10 responses to “Fort Hood shooting

  1. I am following but hope this does not dominate the news 24/7 like so many other events today. Maybe I am getting too old to put up with a constant flow of bad news. I have found a few good news sites, but, then again, they have no hard news. That would be nice… to find one with a perfect mix.

    I really miss the days of factual hard news and still believe there is a market for such a critter. Wasn’t it Ted Turner’s idea originally to do just that. No opining.. just news..

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    • in the very old days of CNN I think they succeeded until Ted decided to use CNN as some kind of pulpit 🙂


    • I remember the same thing. The format I like is 55 minutes of hard news and 5 minutes of commentary for a one hour show. NO ONE does that. in fact, there is commentary throughout the entire hour now.


    • the last time I saw CNN I was totally disgusted over what I saw. It was 2009 and there was an issue in the Honduras.

      The CNN journalist was stirring up trouble.


    • Actually CNN is making some good changes with their documentaries.


    • sorry I have just returned from going to Mass. We do not get CNN over here :). If they are doing documentaries, then that is good.

      I had to leave before finishing my comment about what the CNN journalist did in the Honduras. He was stirring up trouble over what had taken place. Needless to say I backed what had happened and that the former president was sacked before he could destroy the Honduras constitution. The USA had no right to interfere in the matter.


    • You said: The USA had no right to interfere in the matter.

      I am now and have always been a laissez-faire capitalist but even in other matters, I also think it’s best to speak softly and carry a big stick. Quite simply, we need to learn to mind our own business. The world does not belong to us. You may have heard me say in the past; We are here to help one another, not change others to our way of thinking. That is my creed.

      I am one who really believes that almost ALL relationship issues can best be resolved through open, honest, thorough communication. When deception begins, all chances of success begin to fail. One lie requires yet another. NONE of us today really know the entire truth about any of our major concerns. Broadcast television and MSM is one sided communication, at best. I never know what to believe and I think that goes for all of us.

      When a broadcaster or politician lies, his nose should start flashing red until he tells the truth. Otherwise, we are left to guess; live in the dark; and hope for the best. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

      Things that should be black or white have turned gray. Even documented history has “evolved” from the truth about what happened to something entirely different. “Facts” are suddenly created from some obscure, nonsensical notions to make new points.

      “News reporters” today have mastered yellow journalism. Variations of it have been taught since the Spanish American War.

      Guys like Ryan Julison proudly boast of their abilities to “manage” global communications. He manages by manipulating truth, manufacturing lies and and controlling media coverage of significant events where lots of money can be made, even extorted from others without fear of consequences.

      Forgive the rant… got carried away.. thinking about all of the lies in the news today.

      BTW, CNN is known to be Obama’s voice. They do exactly what he says. I am hoping their new format will limit that before the mid term elections.


    • This is a very well-stated rant. You have hit on most of the points that I try to make.

      Like you, I am a laissez-faire capitalist. There are issues where our countries should simply mind their own business, but there are other issues where we should intervene, or at least make a very strong point…. Crimea is an example of an issue where I think a lot of the world leaders could be wrong. If the ethnic Russians voted to rejoin Russia, then so be it. What right has the world to intervene? On the other hand, if Russia invades the Ukraine, well that is a horse of a different colour!!


  2. You know a lot more about the history of that region than I do. I never studied it but do remember reading about Holodomor, a peacetime “holocaust.” I have always a bit of interest in world famines. I cannot imagine how horrible it must be to not be able to feed your family.


    • I do not have sufficient historical background about that region. From the news services it was mentioned and emphasized that there were ethnic Russians in Crimea who wanted to be a part of Russia.

      I have seen some very disturbing media reports about what is going on in the Ukraine, and I suspect that Putin is using his goons to stir up ethnic trouble… such as the sacking of the Parliament. I suspect that there will be an escalation of trouble in the region at the behest of Putin. It is not just Crimea that is involved, it is also small countries like Moldovia. Putin has his eye on regaining all the countries that were once a part of the Soviet Union. Therefore it is not just the Ukraine that is at risk, it is Moldovia, Estonia and other countries in the same region. I am not sure how many ethnic Russians are involved.

      My son’s partner, the mother of our grand-daughter is of Russian heritage. Her parents left Russia and went to Israel, where Ilana was born, and then they came to Australia. I am sure that they are watching these developments with interest. I know I am taking an interest in what seems to be happening.

      The parallel is close to what Hitler did before he invaded Poland. Each of those European countries are at risk. Russia has done those invasions in the past. As a child I remember the invasion of Chechoslovakia. I was too young to remember the invasion of Poland or of Hungary, but I went to school with two Hungarian girls who escaped from Hungary during the Russian occupation of that country. I guess I am always remembered how they talked of their escape from the tyranny of Russian occupation.