Will the location of the missing plane be revealed?

There are media reports hyping up the detection of a signal in the Indian ocean off the coast of Australia. The signal could be from a black box. There have been 3 reports of signals – two from a Chinese ship and one from the Australian ship the HMAS Ocean Shield, about 90 kms from the Chinese site.

However, a word of caution from retired Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston is very appropriate. The signals need to be fully investigated. The HMAS Ocean Shield has a black box ping detector on board. The Chinese ship has something similar on board. The location is roughly where it has been suggested that the aircraft might have crashed into the ocean. Until there has been verification that the signal is from the black box, we simply cannot say for certain that the location has been found….

However, it has also been noted that within the new zone more white objects have been spotted. There is a need for ships to go to this location and fetch those objects out of the sea to see if anything can be identified as debris associated with the missing airliner.

Now is not the time to give up hope, but it is also not the time to start with the conspiracy theories. We simply have to wait and see if the black box of the aircraft can be located and then wait for an analysis of the recordings to find out what might have happened. The whole investigation could take years to complete.

Up until now the disappearance of this Malaysian Airlines flight has been a complete mystery. Nothing makes any sense. There is always the remote possibility that the hunt for the aircraft has been in the wrong place. For example, I keep thinking that they should be hunting closer to the Maldives (but what would I know!).

This is the first time that I have felt hopeful that something has been found. The Chinese are pulling out all of the stops to find the missing aircraft. They are co-ordinating their efforts with the Australians. It is to be noted that the British and Canadians have provided aircrew to help in the search. That is very thoughtful because such a search is very exhausting work.

Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston is a very experienced RAAF pilot. As such, he is very experienced in the field of search and rescue. On top of that, as a former Chief of the Australian Defence Forces, Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston has the diplomatic experience required to co-ordinate the search and recovery of the missing airliner. Angus is my former neighbour.


It has been revealed that the Ocean Shield picked up signals that could be from the black box of the missing aircraft. Today could be the day that the submarine “Bluefin 21” is deployed and that it will continue the search on the ocean floor.

The signals that the Ocean Shield picked up are the most positive signs to date in regard to where the most likely resting place of the airliner could be.

I am personally hoping and praying that this is in fact the crash site and that the families of those on board the airliner will finally get to learn the truth about what took place.

For the moment it is best to disregard some of the sensationalist reports from the media, including the latest one regarding the alleged effort to avoid detection in Indonesia air space. We cannot know for certain what was or was not deliberate on that flight. There are simply other possibilities and until the plane is found there is no way of knowing the truth.


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