On Illegal Campaign Donations

New South Wales has a new Premier. What has this to do with campaign donations? That is a good question. I am not going to write about the $3000 bottle of wine that brought down the former Premier, Barry O’Farrell, since this post is not about the scandal that erupted via the NSW ICAC. That story is ongoing anyway, and more people are going to feel the heat. This post is in fact about a campaign contributer to Hillary Clinton.

The ABC (USA) news has a story about a Democrat campaign fundraiser who has been found guilty of funneling more than $180,000 of illegal donations to 3 unnamed candidates. I wonder why those candidates are unnamed?

In that story what struck me was the reason as to why this individual had done this illegal activity:

An informant caught Sant Singh Chatwal on tape in 2010 explaining that he believed his illegal fundraising bought him access to people in power.

Without the contributions “nobody will even talk to you,” Chatwal said. “That’s the only way to buy them, get into the system.”

Chatwal entered the plea to evading contribution limits and witness tampering in federal court in Brooklyn as part of a plea deal. He faces a maximum of nearly six years in prison at sentencing on July 31 and must forfeit $1 million. He free on $750,000 bond secured by property in Manhattan.

Chatwal, 70, was not required to describe his crimes in court. After the plea, his spokesman passed out a written statement saying he “deeply regrets his actions and accepts full responsibility for the consequences.”

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement that Chatwal “sought to buy access to power through unlimited and illegal campaign contributions, funneling money from the shadows of straw donors.”

I am amazed by the boldness of his statement. Actually, I think that he is being very honest and what he said is in fact the truth, especially where the Clintons and Obama are concerned. Raise the money and you get the benefits.

The article itself names some of the people who got funds from Chatwal, including one of the most repugnant Democrats in the Senate: Harry Reid.  I could go further, but… I would not want to get sued for expressing my thoughts about Harry Reid. Maybe Chatwal was exposed because he did not do enough fund raising for the most corrupt of all people who have resided in the White House… Barry Soetoro.

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