The Heat is On

The heading sounds like the title of a song…hey and I like that song too!!

This post is about Lois Lerner and Eric Holder because the latest revelations mean that Eric Holder and his Justice Department are in big doo doo. It has been decided that Lois Lerner should face criminal prosecution. The case has been sent to the Justice Department. However, it has been revealed that the Justice Department was working in cahoots with Lerner in an effort to prosecute conservative groups for what is claimed to be lies. This attempted action smacks of anti-liberty and it flies in the face of the right to free speech. (In my view, the political activity of those groups is entirely based upon the right to the freedom of speech).

Breitbart has an item regarding the meltdown of Eric Holder when he last appeared before Congress. Eric Holder is facing a contempt of Congress charge, and what I do not understand is why the Congress have not proceeded any further with the charge. The article is worth a read. Here is an excerpt from the article:

And Eric Holder has much to hide.

Holder is at the center of one of the most serious scandals of the Obama administration, “Operation Fast and Furious,” where weapons were allowed to “walk” across the border by our government and into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members. One of those weapons wound up at the crime scene of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, precipitating public outrage and congressional investigations. Countless Mexican citizens, by Holder’s own admission, will also be shot and killed by weapons supplied by his Justice Department’s gun-running operation.

Holder’s attempts to obstruct justice in the investigation of Fast and Furious were the reason for the attorney general’s contempt citation and for his embarrassing exchange with Rep. Gohmert. (Holder continued his political haranguing at a conference run by the infamous race-hustler Al Sharpton the day after his testimony.)

As Rep. Gohmert pointed out, if Holder had any respect at all for the institution of Congress, or any sincere regret over the contempt citation, he would begin cooperating and release the records that will help us to unravel one of the most shameful chapters of Holder’s tenure. 

But he won’t. Because he can’t. To release those records is to prove his guilt. He knows it. We know it. Congress knows it. And so does the president, who made a desperate effort to protect Holder by claiming Fast and Furious records were protected by executive privilege, which they are not.

2 responses to “The Heat is On

  1. You said: the latest revelations mean that Eric Holder and his Justice Department are in big doo doo

    Sadly, I doubt that either of them or anyone else in Obama’s circle will ever face any serious consequences. It is shameful that they are all protected.