A little known war situation – when some Muslim leaders unite with Christians

I have not made a lot of comment about the situation in Nigeria regarding Boko Haram. To say that the extremists are a pest is not really capturing what they are inflicting in terms of human suffering. It is not just Christians who have been suffering at the hands of Boko Haram, but it is also Muslim African villagers.

What to do? Nigeria is at a crisis point because of these Islamist extremists, and so the governors of the various districts recently had a meeting. Breibart news has a report on the meeting and a little bit more in the way of background.

It would be easy to side with the view that it is the Christians that are being persecuted, especially when more than 200 girls were recently kidnapped from their school. However, that would be an injustice to the moderate Muslims in that country who are not extremist and merely try to co-exist. What it really means is that the Muslims have been criticizing the Christian President of using Boko Haram, when it seems that Boko Haram are an independent group.

It is up to Nigeria to rid themselves of these pests, and they need to do that by getting tough. People are being killed or maimed for life in the various bombing attacks. Boko Haram is at war with anybody who does not follow their extremist version of Islam.

It should be pointed out that the extremism itself has spread from country to country. These extremists want more than just religion, they want world domination. This is the critical issue with regard to Al Qaeda and its offshoots. They also want world domination of Islam. They want all Christians to reject Jesus Christ and to accept the false prophet Mohammed (there you go, I said it!!). Their desire is that we should all be subjected to Sharia law. It is the way it has always been with Islam. Boko Haram has been waging a war against book learning. They detest that girls are going to school. This is the reason that they attack both Christian and Muslim girl schools. No one is safe from the extremism of Boko Haram.

These little known wars are being waged in a swag of countries. The Afghanistan Taliban is known to all of us, but how many know about the activities of the Pakistan Taliban, or the Indian version of the same thing? What about the activities of the Tamil Tigers? Islam is at the very root of all of these conflicts. The leaders want to subjugate the women, and sadly there are women who are willing to see themselves be subjugated in the name of a theological system by the use of terror.

Terrorism is just another way in which a war against Christians is being waged.

8 responses to “A little known war situation – when some Muslim leaders unite with Christians

  1. l am happy that you can now resume blogging, Aussie. It is clear that you enjoy it and I enjoy your views. I am way behind so must come back later.


    • it is still only limited blogging. I do need to get my head around what is happening in the Ukraine because it is a very serious situation. On top of that I really wish I could find a way of accessing Tom Clancy’s last novel… it is relevant.


  2. This is awful but what are we supposed to do?


    • We cannot personally do anything. I am encouraged by the fact that there are Muslim leaders who are prepared to act against Boko Haram. These are the true moderates, but I do not trust them either.


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