The war against Cliven Bundy

It is not my intention to take sides for or against Cliven Bundy. There are certainly some areas where I would instinctively disagree with the man – specifically I disagree with him not paying his grazing fees. However, I believe that there is something very sinister in the way in which the whole of the Bundy thing has been played out by the Bureau of Land Management. There is one very sinister figure… and his name is Harry Reid.

Various blogs have reported on the real reason for trying to dislodge Cliven Bundy from his land. From this aspect, of Big Government attempting to run roughshod over the ordinary citizen, then I have sympathy for the citizen not Big Government, especially when a particular person intends to use the land for the purpose of setting up either solar energy or bird smashers in what is nothing more than a failed project before it gets started.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bundy, at his ripe old age of 80, he has a way of expressing himself that has caused total and I believe unnecessary condemnation, with the accusation that he is a bigot. However, Mr. Cliven Bundy is not a bigot and he is most definitely less of a bigot than the blacks who are blackening his name at the beck and call of their “Master”, Senator Harry Reid… and ultimately the one who is also pulling a few strings. I do not intend referencing the CNN article that I read from one such Negro bigot, because the comments were gross because of the extremism that was expressed. I can only point out that the author is as much enslaved as those who were bought and sold in the slave market…. only he does his slavery for free.

The Conservative Treehouse has provided a full transcript of the Bundy Remarks. These were repeated at blog, Hyscience. It is worth taking the time to read exactly what Cliven Bundy said, before his comments were edited by someone who was doing the dirty work for Harry Reid. These are the remarks of a man full of compassion for those who have been downtrodden, rather than a man who is a bigot.

This is my own interpretation of what Cliven Bundy was trying to say:

First of all, are Negroes better off now than when they were under slavery? (this is a thorny issue)… and what Bundy sees when he goes to certain areas in Nevada is a group of people who have been given government houses, who are dependent entirely upon welfare, and who have nothing to do. Their children end up in jail, there is an increase in abortion etc. because the people have no occupation.  These are people who are not happy at all.

Second, when the Negro were slaves, they had the occupation of picking cotton. They were kept employed on the plantations and they had a family life. They were happy in that family life.

Where is the bigotry in those remarks? Dependence upon government welfare is in fact a form of slavery. Cliven Bundy has that correct. The blacks who place their trust in the Democrats have in fact found themselves on a new form of plantation, only this time there is no work to keep them occupied. This is the point that was being made about the plight of the Negro in Nevada, that they are no better off sitting in their government homes with nothing to keep them occupied than if they were still on a slave plantation where at least they had some form of employment.

Bundy also made remarks about the Mexicans that cross the border. There is no doubt that his remarks contain an element of truth because a lot of Mexicans have happy loving families and they do have a strong work ethic…. at least in a traditional family (for the record, my uncle John joined the US Marines during World War 11, and he was a Mexican-American. He met my aunty Doreen here in Australia and she became a war bride. They had 7 children, my cousins, and they are a very close knit family. They have been the embodiment of this ethic that one finds amongst the Mexican-Americans, which is very family oriented.) He did not as far as I could see refer to the illegal immigrants with these remarks, but certainly he referred to those Mexican-Americans that he had met and worked alongside over a long period of time.

Should Cliven Bundy be pilloried for making remarks that point out the obvious? That African-Americans today are no better off than their ancestors because they remain like slaves on the plantation of welfare dependence. Why should he be considered a bigot by pointing out what is so obvious to one and all?

2 responses to “The war against Cliven Bundy

  1. Once again, the truth is hiding. Takes a lot of time to find it..


    • Yes, it takes time to find the truth. What is now obvious is that this was a land grab and that one must take a closer look at the activities of Harry Reid.