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Ace of Spades and Hot Air are asking a very good question:

“What are the criteria for hashtag activism”?

More than 200 Christian girls are kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. Roughly a month after the kidnap, the plight of the girls is given an airing by the lamestream media, including a bit of hashtag activism involving the “Worst” Lady of the White House.

In yet another case of savagery, a young Christian woman is facing the prospect of being hanged in the Sudan because her father is a Muslim and her husband is a Christian. There is silence from the White House over this blatant denial of human and religious rights of this particular woman… oh and by the way, did I mention that she is also sentenced to receive 100 lashes before she is hanged? One concession though, she is allowed to give birth before she is so brutally slaughtered.

You can bet that you will not hear anything from the disgraceful individuals who presently occupy the White House, because if they said anything they would be exposing the reality of Islam to all and sundry – and that would never do!!

On the other hand, perhaps this young woman understands what it means to be a martyr. If she survives the 100 lashes, she will then be hanged or perhaps stoned to death as an adulteress because she is married to a Christian man. The woman’s fate is no different to the fate that awaited the early Christians when they were condemned to death and received cruel and unusual punishment, including being ripped to death by lions.  We might want to wring our hands about her fate, but really she will receive her reward when she dies, the reward of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Posting on Twitter will not bring the girls home

The Nigerian Christian girls who remain prisoners of Boko Haram have most likely undergone a most shocking experience. We must pray for them, and where possible for their safe return. They are in the hands of Islamic mad men.

However, whatever the privations of these girls, that is not my concern in this post because I want to vent in regard to the idiotic Twitter campaign that does nothing to help recover those girls from the men who have the power to rape them, abuse them, and force them into a marriage that none of them desire. My focus on the “all about me” individual who posted a Selfie as she bore a sign that showed the whole stupidity of the Twitter campaign.

When the girls were first kidnapped, nothing was done. There was barely a mention of the incident in the mainstream media. However, suddenly, as no doubt it was a distraction, the story got a pair of legs… and the next thing you know, that thing who occupies the White House was getting some publicity for herself… and as usual the Lamestream Media have been falling all over themselves as they report on her bitchiness and her faux campaign.

The utter stupidity of using Twitter in these circumstances is enough to make me feel sick (quite literally I might add). The campaign does nothing and it will not bring the girls back to their parents.

It is obvious, this Australian cannot bear to see that particular female getting such obvious “me, me, look at me”, type of publicity.