Posting on Twitter will not bring the girls home

The Nigerian Christian girls who remain prisoners of Boko Haram have most likely undergone a most shocking experience. We must pray for them, and where possible for their safe return. They are in the hands of Islamic mad men.

However, whatever the privations of these girls, that is not my concern in this post because I want to vent in regard to the idiotic Twitter campaign that does nothing to help recover those girls from the men who have the power to rape them, abuse them, and force them into a marriage that none of them desire. My focus on the “all about me” individual who posted a Selfie as she bore a sign that showed the whole stupidity of the Twitter campaign.

When the girls were first kidnapped, nothing was done. There was barely a mention of the incident in the mainstream media. However, suddenly, as no doubt it was a distraction, the story got a pair of legs… and the next thing you know, that thing who occupies the White House was getting some publicity for herself… and as usual the Lamestream Media have been falling all over themselves as they report on her bitchiness and her faux campaign.

The utter stupidity of using Twitter in these circumstances is enough to make me feel sick (quite literally I might add). The campaign does nothing and it will not bring the girls back to their parents.

It is obvious, this Australian cannot bear to see that particular female getting such obvious “me, me, look at me”, type of publicity.

2 responses to “Posting on Twitter will not bring the girls home

  1. jordan2222

    What do you suggest we do?


    • my current suggestion is “Do not bother with a stupid Twitter campaign”!!

      In my view, this is a hard one to answer because I am not certain that the USA should get involved, especially with a pro-Muslim pResident. The UK has sent along some SAS soldiers. Perhaps the USA could lend some drones.

      What is required is that real soldiers go in and hunt for the members of Boko Haram, and take no prisoners.

      That idiot John Kerry came up with some prissy excuse for the existence of Boko Haram. However, if you look at the name of the group, you can get a real clue as to their motivation… and it has nothing to do with poverty…. In Islam Haram has a particular meaning…. if you get my drift….

      What is ultimately required is that Jonathon Goodluck should deploy more of the Nigerian troops to go after the leadership of Boko Haram. Kill them, one by one if necessary. No mercy should be shown because these men are killers.

      It is not just about the Christian girls who were kidnapped. There is a village where more than 200 were slaughtered when they were left unprotected because the Nigerian authorities were looking for these murderers.

      Boko Haram does not discriminate between Muslim and Christian. They also kill other Muslims if it suits them. Again, the clue is in the name of the group. The Muslim leaders in the southern part of Nigeria were blaming the Christians for the havoc wrought by Boko Haram and the Christians in the northern part of Nigeria were blaming the Muslim leaders of the south. What they have failed to do, so far, is to fully come together with a resolution that they will not stop until the demise of Boko Haram. The ball is in the court of those Muslim governors. They need to pull their collective fingers out, and they need to get serious about eliminating this group, who are in fact affiliated with Al Qaeda.

      As to what else should be done, let’s start with the U.S. State Department manning up and admitting that Boko Haram is in fact a terrorist organization. Whilst they are at it, they should fire all Muslim employees, especially any who show any form of sympathy for this group, or any one of them who had protested that Boko Haram be designated as a terrorist organization.