The man is stupid… why the “”””” did this man ever get the Nobel Peace prize?

The situation in Iraq is deteriorating rapidly. I am not sure if one can say that it came out of Left field, or maybe there is something else that can be said.

The revelations that have occurred since the deserter and traitor was handed back to the Americans have been nothing short of astounding. Bergdahl was swapped for 5 members of the Taliban and Haqqani Network. Since that swap we have seen the Pakistan Taliban attacking the Karachi airport.  This has been followed by activity in other Middle Eastern states and none of that activity is good.

Whilst I continue to believe that action against Gadhafi was totally necessary, I must say that I remain uncertain about some of the outcomes that have followed the demise of that most disgusting tyrant. The red flags are all over the place and they are not the same issues that have been raised by people who are all in a huff because Gadhafi met his fate (he got what he deserved). At various times I have outlined why it was necessary to end the rule of Gadhafi. The Libyans have not let me down – at least the Libyan majority have not let me down. There is a section of Libyans who are of the same ilk as ISIS. In fact they are part of the same network. They go by the name of Ansar-al-Shariah. They are extremely loathsome, and they participated in the attack upon the US Embassy in Benghazi at the behest of Al Qaeda leadership. I will have more to say on this subject at a future time. The red flag to me is the kind of weapons that are being used by Ansar-Al-Shariah and others of similar ilk. It has been clear for some time that the CIA or an outfit associated with the POTUS supplied weapons to the enemy of the western world. This brings me to the deadly situation in both Iraq and Syria.

Yesterday I learned that Iran is sending its Qods force to Iraq to fight against ISIS. I feel alarm that Iran is being enabled in this way. However, Iran is doing this because Iran is Shia and ISIS is Sunni. All along this has been the theme in this region – the murder and mayhem that we are now witnessing is Sunni vs Shia. Saddam Hussein was Sunni and he suppressed the Shia population. The majority of Shia in Iraq were relieved when the brutal Saddam Hussein met his demise. I agree with that feeling of relief. Iraq had not been swept up by Iran but had remained an independent nation, until now. There are implications to allowing Iran taking their forces into Iraq. There is no guarantee that Iran will leave when the killing is over.

What I do think is that there needs to be very careful analysis of what all of this means behind the scenes. What exactly is being played out? Who is funding ISIS? One ME nation state stands out in this regard – QATAR.

Barry the Traitor has a relationship with QATAR. I think that we need to look more closely at the history of that relationship. QATAR is not a friendly nation by any stretch of the imagination. There is history to consider, and it is the reason that I have mentioned Libya and the demise of Gadhafi. The common denominator in that situation, Syria and Iraq is QATAR. The US government has been using QATAR as the proxy. Weapons were sold to QATAR and QATAR gave the weapons to the Libyan rebels (keep in mind there were two groups – the friendly Libyans who are in fact friends of the west, and the Ansar-Al-Shariah type. The friendly Libyans tried to limit the involvement of Al Qaeda. They were smart to insist on “no boots on the ground” because they understood that if there were foreign troops this would incite others to come into Libya and ultimately destroy their nation. The friendlies are struggling at this time to keep control over Libya, but it seems to be a losing battle. My prediction is that there will be another civil war in Libya).

What has come to light is that some of the weapons that the CIA gave to Libya have ended up in Afghanistan and those weapons were used against US and allied interests. One helicopter was downed by a stinger missile – a missile that had been sent to Libya. Someone needs to explain how that missile ended up in Afghanistan.

There are many, many questions that need to be raised. It is my belief that the current POTUS needs to be impeached over the way in which he has allowed weapons to fall into the hands of the enemy. What I fear the most is that he has made some kind of a deal with Iran that will allow Iran to take over Iraq. (I have nothing to back up my fears in this regard).

There are many things that are bothering me at the present moment. The manner in which Barry has tried to interfere in Egypt is out there for all to see. The non-acceptance of Al-Sisi is on display. Al-Sisi is the next best thing to happen in Egypt especially because the Muslim Brotherhood are once again a banned organization.

At the same time I believe that there is a requirement to look very closely at the antics of Hillary Clinton. This woman is also very unsuitable material to end up as a POTUS. She has also behaved like a traitor, and I feel certain that as more information comes to light there will be a lot of things revealed about the kind of negotiations done by this woman, that were indeed traitorous negotiations.

I am watching the deterioration in Syria, Iraq and Libya. I will write more in the future.

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