About those “missing” emails

The IRS is now claiming that the Lois Lerner emails required by the Congress are lost forever, because of a computer crash. This is of course ludicrous… but more about why it is ludicrous later.

Before getting into the reasons as to why the IRS is trying to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes, let’s for a moment look at how this information was given. It was in a Friday document dump, hidden within a letter to the Congress on the subject of the inquiry into the Congress. The document itself is of interest because the IRS was trying to shut down this particular inquiry and the letter addressed to Congress was asking for the inquiry to be shut down. I hope that the response to the IRS will definitely be “fat chance we will shut this investigation down”.

The lie about those Lerner emails is in fact a very serious matter. Now I am not an analyst and I do not know much about the workings of the US public service, and in particular I know nothing about the IRS. However, I can read, and I can draw my own conclusions. So let’s begin with what is already public knowledge and look at some of the possibilities as to why the IRS would want to hide those Lerner emails by pretending that they have been lost.

First of all, let’s look at the historical context of the IRS targeting of certain conservative groups. This historical context is that of the Citizens United case. If you can take time to remember what happened after the decision, then I think you might be able to see that there is a good reason to believe that the White House was in fact behind the whole thing… just as we have suspected since the whole scandal broke.

In the Citizens United case, what was decided was the striking down of a part of what is known as the McCain-Feingold Act. That portion of the Act related specifically to the donations of corporations. Please note that nothing changed where foreign individuals are concerned, that particular ban remains in place.  If you remember correctly Barry Soetoro was so angry he made threatening remarks to the members of the US Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. Yet those remarks should be seen as evidence that Barry is not so good at the law as he thinks.  Citizens United is a group of individuals with a common goal. The target of their documentary that was the subject of that case (against the FEC) was in fact Hillary Clinton. This was not a Corporation such as TYCO or one of the Pharma companies, it was in fact more like an Association (like we have in Australia for individuals who have common interests). The issue that went before the Supreme Court revolved around donations and also about the timing of the documentary being shown on a cable channel. What Roberts did in the judgement in this case was to overturn two other cases (one of those cases involved a Right to Life group). Basically the majority saw this as an issue related to freedom of speech, which is an individual right, and that portion of the McCain-Feingold legislation had a chilling effect on the right of citizens to freedom of speech.

Second, keeping this background in mind, we then have to look at the actions of the Democrat Party, at their anger, and their obsfucation regarding the facts involved in the Citizens United, and how this led to the IRS acting in this sneaky way.  This historical background also involves the rise of the TEA movement and also its success in stopping the march of the progressives. My understanding of the TEA movement is very different from that of the Left Wing Marxist Mafia that runs amok in media around the world. For one thing I object to the labelling of the TEA movement as an extreme right wing group because it is simply not true, yet that was a description that I saw in a headline here in Australia.  The TEA movement is simply about “Taxed Enough Already”. It is about reining in the out of control spending of left-wing government.  Anyone there are citizen groups all around the USA and some of these groups got together to do things like rooting out the corruption involved in the voting process. One such group is “True the Vote”. Under the IRS legislation such groups are entitled to apply for registration as a certain type of group – this has to do with donations etc.

Third, with this background in mind, it would seem that a group within the Democrat Party was so incensed over the Citizens United case, and then the success of the TEA movement that they decided to surreptiously use the IRS to target such groups. On top of that there is mounting evidence that the White House called on the IRS to target certain other individuals, especially anyone who was listed as a donor to the specific groups that were already targeted.  This is my understanding of the history of this scandal.

What is clear to me is that someone was working with Lois Lerner and others in regard to the holding up of the applications. There seems to be an “up the chain” link in the whole affair. The head of the IRS seemed to have had contact with the White House… but what is not clear is who in the White House was working on this behind the scenes.  One can only guess due to the vindictiveness that was unleashed against anyone who does not support Barry Soetoro.

Fourth, with all of this background in mind, one has to ask the obvious question: why does the IRS want this investigation shut down? What is in those emails, or at least who was Lois Lerner communicating with, that has caused the IRS to make a statement that is patently false? I am betting that it goes all the way to the top because Lois Lerner is a Democrat operative.  On top of this is the revelation that Lois Lerner gave the FBI records relating to those same conservative groups with the intention of criminal charges being made against them for alleged breaches against the appropriate Act. My conclusion is that this could only have occurred if someone at the very top of the chain had given the command to go ahead and release that information. Such action was always illegal.

So, how likely is it that the Lois Lerner emails have in fact been lost? Chances are, it is not in the least likely, and the IRS is stalling because when the emails are handed over, there is going to be an even bigger scandal erupting. This goes all the way to the White House.  Anyone familiar with the way that computer systems work should know that in government departments and elsewhere, a personal computer acts somewhat like a dumb terminal. An operator can back up items on the C drive but the same stuff is also backed up on a larger computer frame, especially overnight. All emails are held, not just on a personal computer but also on the company computer. Each operator is given space on the mainframe.  My understanding is based upon my own work situations where I worked with accounts. Everything I did in releation to the accounts was backed up on the company mainframe.

I draw your attention here to what is known as Climategate which was the release of emails between certain individuals. Those emails had been deleted from the personal computers of the individuals involved but someone who had an understanding of the mainframe extracted the emails and then released the first batch prior to the Globull Warming Conference in Copenhagen.  I use this case because it is somewhat similar in nature, in that the personal emails no longer existed at one level (the personal computer) but they were to be found on the mainframe because they had been backed up and the backups were kept.

Unless the IRS is so incompetent to the point that they do not back up the work of their operators each day, then there is no way that the Lois Lerner emails have been totally lost. There is a very good chance that this little nugget of information was placed in the letter to Congress as a means of being “in yer face” and “trying it on” and as defiance to the request by Congress to produce this documentation.

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