Libya – deja vu?

As I continue to watch the fluid situation in Libya regarding their security issues, I discovered this piece online. I would suggest that you read the article very carefully because there are quite a few nuggets of “truth” regarding the situation.

The target ofthe article is General Khalifa Haftar. The report calls him a renegade, yet if you read what he has been doing, you might draw some different conclusions. Two things to note about General Haftar:

1. He supports Abdel Al-Sisi. In my view that is a good thing, not a bad thing.

2. He names Qatar as the power that is stirring up trouble and keeping Libya from being united. I agree with his analysis.

I do think that some background history is necessary with regard to this story. This is recent background stuff, so please bear with me. There is a lot of instability in the elected Libyan Parliament. There have been several Presidents and Prime Ministers over the past few years. The Prime Minister seems to get deposed every few months, or at least that is how it seems to me. The latest Prime Minister is perhaps the shadiest of all that have had this role over the past 2 years. He won the role only recently and I might add that this has also been contentious, with the previous Prime Minister refusing to concede. The problem with the current man is that he is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and other similar characters – it is not a good look in my view. It is almost like a takeover. Most of these changes have been forced by a mob that keeps invading their Assembly or Parliament and the mob comes with guns to force the Parliament to give into their demands. The good men have been driven out by this process.

Now, it could be that it is Qatar that is sending the mob to the Libyan Parliament. My opinion here is based upon a hunch and is also based upon looking at the meaning of the general’s own words.

General Hafter has been conducting a “crusade” against the Islamists. It is not clear as to who might be financing him but it seems that the money might be placed on both Egypt and UAE. This is something that makes sense to me. I would go further and say that he is probably been backed by Saudi Arabia as well.

The most likely M.E. States that could be backing General Hafter are in fact the most moderate of the M.E. States. We might not think of them as moderate, but these are the ones who want to continue trading with the West and who actually enjoy a high standard of living when compared to other Islamic States. They are also the M.E. Sunni states who have something to fear from Libyan forces that are backed by Qatar.

A lot more work needs to be done where Qatar is concerned. In recent years Qatar has emerged as a major sponsor of terrorism. It seems to support a variety of unsavoury characters… but then again I could be wrong in making my statement with regard to Qatar.  So what do I know? First of all, it was Qatar who backed the more moderate of the Libyan rebels. I have always maintained that there were at least 2 factions of Libyan rebels with one faction being aligned to Al Qaeda. It was Qatar who provided support by purchasing on behalf of Libyan rebels the weapons that were then dropped to people fighting in various theatres of war in Libya, such as in Misrata.  Some of those weapons were purchased from the USA. Qatar has also been sponsoring and assisting the Syrian rebels. Now here again it must be emphasized that there are factions in Syria, with the outsider ISIS being the most brutal group of “rebels”. At the same time Turkey is also providing assistance to rebels in Syria.  Both Qatar and Turkey are controlled by Sunni interests.  Third, and this should have been a red flag, when the young woman proclaimed to the world that she had been raped, and then she escaped with the help of a soldier, she ended up in Qatar for a very short time. She was expelled from Qatar and mishandled. Have you ever wondered why the mistreatment? Perhaps it is because she is not a Sunni, and perhaps her family are members of the Sanusi sect (this is speculation), or perhaps it is becuase she refused to wear the full head bag (a more likely scenario). Either way her expulsion from Qatar should have been investigated by an incurious media. Such an investigation might have shed some light on the activities of Qatar.

In lots of ways I actually applaud this “rebel” general. I applaud him because he is tenaciously taking steps against the Islamists. He is a realist and he is trying to turn things around.

I can see why it is logical that Egypt in particular might be backing this general’s attempts to get rid of the Islamists. It has to do with the security of Libya , as well as of Egypt, and for that matter, also of UAE.

There seems to be a link between Qatar and the spread of terror in the Middle East. It is the common thread in various countries. Could it be that Qatar is sponsoring the terror in Iraq?

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