And the winner for worst U.S. President is……

I am going to sound like a fan of President Richard Nixon with my comments on this subject. If I do, then it is probably true……

The latest polling on who is the worst President since the second world war has Barry Soetoro as the clear winner. One pundit has framed this as Barry being worse than Richard Nixon.  I was a teenager when Nixon was President and hence I am old enough to remember the scandal surrounding his Presidency.

The fact is, even if Nixon was a crook, what he did pales into insignificance after considering the corruption of Barry Soetoro.

On top of that in regard to foreign policy, Richard Nixon actually did a credible job, and he deserves to be recognized for the good that he did around the world. Oh yes I remember the headlines “Mad Bomber Nixon”, but the truth is Richard Nixon did not start the war in Vietnam, a war like that actually went against the grain of his Quaker religon, and he had to find a way to get out of the situation.  He could not win, no matter what he did, Nixon could not win.

One of the highlights of the Nixon presidency happens to be the way in which he negotiated with Mao Tse Tung. Mao was willing to talk to Richard Nixon. In reality what this meant was the opening up of China to the rest of the world. Some of us might think that this was not a good idea, yet in the long run, we have begun to see the Chinese in a different light (still do not trust them, but the Chinese are entrepreneurs and there are plenty of them who do not want to be under Communism).  This was a major achievement of the Nixon era… and Barry Soetoro cannot ever match such an achievement.

The parallels that are being drawn up between Barry Soetoro and Richard Nixon in regard to other matters also do not hold water. The comparison is the fact that Nixon’s secretary wiped some stuff on a tape. How does this compare to the missing Lois Lerner emails? I actually think that the missing Lerner emails are a bigger deal because they more than likely lead directly to the White House in regard to the targeting of what are deemed to be enemies of Barry Soetoro for auditing and other issues. This is an ongoing saga, but I do believe that ultimately this IRS scandal will be the undoing of Barry Soetoro. It all started with the decision in the case of Citizens United vs. FEC.  The difference is that the IRS refused to carry out the audits for Richard Nixon. The IRS has allowed itself to be used in a partisan way by Barry Soetoro.

Clearly, there are other distinctions, but to me the biggest distinction and the reason that you can put me in a pro-Nixon camp is Foreign Policy. Richard Nixon had foreign policy triumphs but Barry Soetoro has proved himself to have been totally clueless, and I might add extremely dangerous.

I had thought that Jimmy Carter was a dangerous fool and extremely naive where foreign policy is concerned. In particular Carter made disastrous decisions regarding Iran, but Barry Soetoro has topped Carter’s ineptness. His actions have led the world to the brink of one massive civil war, thanks to Barry deliberately funding ISIS and ISIL through a relationship with Qatar. To this I will also point to his fecklessness over the three missing Jewish boys, one of them a U.S. citizen, and the pronouncements over the death of a Palestinian in East Jerusalem who was most likely murdered by his own family members. There should have been outrage over the death of the three teenagers. There is no proof that there was a revenge killing… no proof at all. Barry’s ineptness in trying to force the hand of Israel has led the Middle East into a very unpalatable position.

BTW whilst I do not completely hold Saudi Arabia in high regard, I dare my critics to show the evidence that the Sauds are sponsoring the ISIS terror. There is no way that they would be sponsoring such terror. ISIL has been threatening the Saudis, as does Al Qaeda. The Sauds have everything to gain by seein an end to both of these extremists.  It is Qatar who is the funder of the terrorism, not Saudi Arabia, not UAE, and not Jordan.

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