Defining Pregnancy – Anecdotal

The Hobby Lobby decision has the Leftists up in arms, but it is doing more than that because the decision is actually showing up the ignorance of the Leftists or at least of their memes.  The Hobby Lobby decision is very narrow. I do believe that the Wheaton College case will have wider ramifications… but would a woman know?

One issue that has arisen, because the contraceptives objected to are abortifacients, is the issue related to defining pregnancy. In my view the definition of when a pregnancy begins is a majory reason for people not understanding how their body actually works. The Left continues to lie about the moment of conception.

Since I belong to a class of people who experienced early symptoms of pregnancy, I will offer up my own experience as anecdotal evidence about how wrong most of them are when it comes to defining that moment of conception.

I know the exact date as to when I became pregnant for the first time. It was May 31 1977. You might wonder about how I could be so bold as to make that statement. What is more, I knew because that was the date I fell pregnant that there was a very good chance that I was expecting a son  and I was correct. Geoffrey was born 22 February 1978.  My certainty was based upon the clues that my body gave me the moment that I became pregnant. The date stands out because we moved from a unit to a house provided by the Defence force – a move from Richmond to South Windsor. It was a cold night!!

The next day I went back to the unit to clean the place so that we could hand back the keys. I worked hard, cleaning the oven, washing the walls, vacuuming the carpet and ensuring that the place was clean. What I was not expecting was the nausea that overcame me as I worked on washing the walls. That was in fact sign no 1 that I was pregnant.

The next few signs were : a change in my breasts that made them feel sore, and nausea when I attempted to start an exercise routine. Running on the spot caused me to head for the bathroom!! Only then did I have the most obvious sign at the 2 week mark.

Instant nausea like mine is rare. Neither of my sisters responded this way so early in their pregnancies. What is more I had nausea throughout my pregnancy and was dry-retching the day before I had my first son (in the shower on the labour ward of the hospital where I gave birth. It was a long labour which is why it was the day before).

The changes in a woman’s body begin immediately from the time of conception. My anecdotal evidence goes to the heart of the hormonal changes that occur within a woman’s body.

The abortifacient, such as the morning after pill acts to prevent the embryo from being implanted in the womb. The important word here is embryo. An embryo is the beginnings of a new life. Therefore when an abortifacient is being used the embryo is being destroyed, and it kills that new human life, thus people who are morally religious object to the use of this form of “contraceptive”. Likewise I object to the use of RU486 and yes I am against abortion on demand, but that does not include a situation where there is an ectopic pregnancy.

I am a mother of 3 sons. There were similarities in all of my pregnancies, but the first one stands out because I could be so certain of the date. The other two were not so clear cut as that first time… and no 3 was a bit of a surprise when it happened. The similarities happened to be the nausea that occurred throughout the pregnancy, and especially with motion. I would go for a walk and end up dry-retching.

The Left continues to lie to the world and especially on this issue of when conception occurs, and when a pregnancy should be acknowledged.

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