If you having nothing to hide…… ?

Well it seems that someone needs a distraction from the illegal immigrants that have been crossing into the USA. (Australia has a different problem because the illegals have to come by boat, yet both countries have something in common – the Marxists want the illegals to flood our respective countries). So what happens? The Lois Lerner emails are in the news again.

The latest email is from 2013, roughly a month before the whole scandal broke. In this email, Lerner was asking about the use of an internal messaging system for the purpose of hiding written communication from the Congress. This is not just my interpretation of the email. The thing itself is self-explanatory because it is prefaced with the statement “I was warning about ….” followed by a query as to whether or not OCS messages are saved and with the response “perfect”.

Putting this in perspective, what would such a communication suggest to those who are somewhat savvy when it comes to IT systems?  I would suggest that the email shows that Lois Lerner had something to hide and that she did not want Congress knowing exactly who she was in contact with, plus I would suggest that Lois Lerner was involved in some sort of a conspiracy with people higher up in the chain to cause people with conservative views, and who disagree with Barry Soetoro to be punished.

The other part of this Lerner saga is that her lawyer has been “talking” or at least making suggestions that imply that Lerner did not initiate the whole scheme. I would suggest that Taylor is supplying a number of false flags based upon the idea that the buck can be passed to another organization (to the DoJ).

In other words there is one very big cover-up going on here, and it is most likely that the buck stops in the Oval Office. This kind of vengeance is right up the alley of Valerie Jarrett.

It is not hard to imagine that the impetus for the whole scandal of targetting conservative groups (some of them are conservative Democrats and others are either Independents or conservative Republicans) was the result of the Citizens United v FEC case. In that decision, the restrictions that were placed upon donations by corporations were struck down – one section of the McCain-Feingold legislation. One group that was hit hard by the targeting was True the Vote and they are not taking it!!  The whole effort of targetting these groups has had the effect of chilling the freedom of speech of individuals who have formed themselves into a group for “charitable” or political purposes, especially those on the conservative side of politics. No such targetting occurred for individuals involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement or even the “Coffee Party” (which fell apart almost immediately because it was so ridiculous).

A reading of the Citizens’ United case is very instructive, especially the judgement of Clarence Thomas who did in fact mention the chilling of free speech as a result of the restrictions imposed by McCain – Feingold. Please note that the restrictions upon foreign donations remained in force yet Barry Soetoro’s campaign accepted donations from the Gaza strip and from other foreign entities.  The IRS, by holding up those applications, seeking out donor information, and then leaking that information to others had in fact chilled the freedom of speech for a number of individuals.

This case and scandal is more about the right to freedom of speech than it is about political donations or anything else. The impact of the IRS actions has been to harm the individual organizations that were harmed. This includes the attempt by the DoJ to get hold of documents to use against such organizations and charge them with providing false information.

Perhaps there is something that we have all been missing because we have forgotten about their very existence. What organization was active for Barry Soetoro during the 2008 Presidential election cycle? What organization would have had the same status as True the Vote but it was working to elect Barry Soetoro? What organization had its funding cut off because a very enterprising individual uncovered a very huge scandal of cheating and giving bad advice etc. etc.?  The answer is ACORN. That organization was forced to go into demise once its corruption was discovered. Imagine how p’d off Barry must have been over what had happened.

It is not all that hard to see how the IRS scandal reaches into the White House. It is also not hard to imagine that Lois Lerner was savvy enough to realize that Congress would want to know more about communication aspects. The alleged computer crash occurred in 2011. I do not believe that all those hard drives crashed at the same time. This is a lie, and the emails do in fact exist somewhere. Lerner was hoping that people would believe the lie because there is evidence of a computer crash, but the fact is it still should not be too hard for this lie to be unravelled. Then we can watch Lois Lerner squirm.

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