A shocking incident with 298 lives lost

A Dutch passenger on the doomed flight MH17 took a photograph of his plane and posted it on Facebook. His comment read “this is what the plane looks like if it goes missing”.  These words of doom are all that is left of the thoughts of the passengers on board. Of these passengers, at least 147 passengers were of Dutch origin, and some of these had dual Dutch/US citizenship. Only one man with dual citizenship has been named so far.  Of the balance, several were Malaysian citizens including the 15 crew, at least 28 were Australians, at least 6 were British, and there was a smattering of other nationalities, including 1 Canadian. One group of passengers was heading to Australia for an AIDS conference. This is a very big loss for those who have been working on a cure and containment of that disease.

Now for the possible facts surrounding this horrendous “accident”. It is my belief that this was neither a tragic incident or an “accident”. The aircraft was hit by a SAM, a Russian made BUK missile.  The missile was fired from a region close to the border between Russia and Ukraine and the commander of the group in charge of the missile is a Russian with military experience working for the secret service.  The claim is that they were firing at an Ukrainian plane, but that is simply not true. I will have more to say in regard to Russia’s role in the conflict within the borders of Ukraine.

Breitbart has an excellent summary of Russian involvement in the Ukraine. You need to take the time to read this summary because it is definitely the most comprehensive in regard to what Russia has been doing in that region, especially in regard to the methods used to stir up trouble.

One more thing needs to be addressed and that is why was Malaysian Airlines using that flight path? Well, the fact is the flight path is an official one that had been approved for use by the Civil Aviation Authority. There had not been any warnings or intelligence that any passenger aircraft would be in danger from using that flight path. Other airlines have also used the flight path. However, that has now changed and a new flight path will be used in the future. I assume that it was used in the first place because it was a cheaper faster route than any of the other flight paths.  Either way, at 30,000 feet the aircraft should not have been in danger of attack.

It is my belief that Vladmir Putin should be severely censured over what has taken place. On top of that I believe that Russia should be told to pay compensation to Malaysia and to all of the grieving families who have lost their loved ones.

On closing, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the men,  women and children who lost their lives as a result of boarding the doomed flight to Malaysia. It is also with the family of the nun who was also on board. I do not know here nationality, she could have been one of the 28 Australians that have been identified.

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