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Democrats, Radical Republicans and Corruption

Did you see the film Lincoln? Since I am a foreigner I have no idea whether that film was an accurate portrayal of the events.  The first thing to note however, is the film failed to use a train for the Gettysburg address. Now one of my old time readers, Carlyle by name had a big thing against Abraham Lincoln. I do believe that some of what Carlyle was stating was in fact correct, and that Abraham Lincoln should be held accountable for what followed the passing of the 13th  amendment.

You might wonder why I have chosen this particular headline for my topic, when my real subject matter is the explosive revelation about the election in Mississippi between McDaniel and Cochrane. It seems that election fraud is alive and well. This explosive story is actually a part of the history of radical Republicans in the South, and these Radical Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats who assist them.

I am not writing this to argue the merits of the thirteenth amendment. In the long run, I do think that the passing of the thirteenth amendment was necessary because all men and women are created equal, especially before God, and they should be equal before the Law of the land. I do not have sufficient historical knowledge to argue one way or the other.

However, I do have some knowledge of the Reconstruction period, and that knowledge includes information regarding how the Blacks abused the privilege that was given to them (and taken away for a long time thanks to the Democrats and the Ku Klux Klan).  There was a point in the history of the Reconstruction period where there was a massive amount of corruption in the various parliaments in each state. The blacks and the Radical Republicans together were responsible for that corruption.

So what has changed? I would argue nothing much, except that Radical Republicans have managed to hide themselves in the big tent. They continue to exist and they are the Republican Kings of Pork. From my understanding of the election in Mississippi, Thad Cochoran is one of the modern Radical Republicans. His people were willing to do deals with the Democrats and to hand over cash in order to get black Democrats to go into the voting booth and cast a vote for Thad Cochoran in the run off election.

In the movie Lincoln, there was an inference that the passing of the thirteenth amendment was due to a measure of corruption of individuals. It was inferred that Lincoln helped devise a plan to get some Democrats to change their mind and to either vote yes or to abstain. The movie proceeded to show how those negotiations took place and in my view, this movie exposed Lincoln’s willingness to be involved in corruption. It also shows the willingness of the other side to be corrupt.

Corruption in politics is a very real thing, and it is not confined to the USA. There are scandals here in Australia that are indeed playing out in their appropriate venues. Clive Palmer, for example used money to buy votes and to gain some power in the Parliament.  The source of that money is currently under investigation and I do think by the end of this year there is going to be some fireworks over what seems to have taken place. I expect something big to happen in relation to Clive Palmer.  On top of that there is corruption involving the various trade unions and their slush funds. There are fireworks to come in relation to several unions, especially the HSU, AWU and the TWU – the Health Services Union, the Australian Workers Union and the Transport Workers Union. Juliar Gillard was involved with the AWU… and the inquiry is ongoing at the present time, with the Victorian Police Fraud Squad continuing to investigate the scandal that had erupted in the 1990s and was then covered up. I expect the current leader of the Opposition to be named and shamed over the cover-up.