Wars, Wars, everywhere… where is Barry?

This is a very difficult post because the world is at the stage of being out of control.. yet Barry remains on vacation, playing golf and having yet another party.

So where are the wars?

1. Iraq: This situation continues to get out of control. The Yazidis remain on the mountain despite the declaration of “mission accomplished” (and they press remain mute about how this time the mission is definitely not accomplished). To this I add the observation that it was the Syrian Peshmerga who have done more to assist the Yazidi than any other group of individuals. It was the Syrian Peshmerga who cleared the way that allowed a few thousand Yazidi to escape Mt. Sinjari. Do not believe your ears when it is claimed that a few bombardments from the air had any effect.  There is a lot more to be written about the situation in Iraq.

2. Ferguson: Here is a repeat of the Trayvon Martin scenario. This time we have another black teenage thug by the name of Michael Brown being shot, not by a civilian this time, but by a police officer. Oh the horror that a black teenager is killed… cue the riots. Just like in the Trayvon Martin case, one has to sit back and wait for the facts to emerge because the usual suspects have gone into overdrive, complete with riots and burnings and general mayhem.  The latest revelations though, have painted a very different picture of “Saint Michael” (I note here that the picture that first appeared in the MSM of Michael Brown was that of a younger person, just like with Trayvon Martin).  Michael Brown and the eyewitness, Dorian Johnson had just robbed a convenience store when they were stopped by the police officer. The CCTV footage of the robbery has been released and in that footage there is evidence that Brown used intimidatory tactics against the store clerk prior to his leaving the shop with a pack of cigars.  The truth is trickling out… but just like the Trayvon Martin case the MSM is reporting the lies about Michael Brown as if those lies were fact…. more on this in some other post.

3. Ukraine: Who shot down MH17?  I need to research information on the Ukraine. I have my own theories but it seems there is another angle to explore regarding the attempted takeover of the Ukraine by Russia. Who shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight with close to 40 Australian citizens and residents on board? Russian soldiers who were helping the Ukrainian separatists.  To get some idea about issues relating to the Ukraine even a James Bond movie can help (the one where the female villain owned the gas field and killed her own father).

4. Syria: see information on IS and Iraq for clarification.  There are some interesting developments including a warning from the Hezbollah leader in Lebanon, Nasrallah. It seems that Nasrallah feels threatened by IS… since Hezbollah is a proxy for Iran.. this could be a proxy statement from Khamenei… stay tuned.

5. Israel and Gaza: so what else is new? Hamas committed an abduction and murder of 4 teens (3 boys and a girl), an Israeli group with mental problems retaliated and the mayhem started. Hamas fired rockets into Israel and Israel responded. Just like in the previous wars, Hamas uses the population of Gaza as human shields, but did they go too far? Surprisingly, the media is allowing reports to flow about tactics used by Hamas, such as firing rockets in close range to the hotel where the press corps were located in the Gaza strip.  Did such an action turn the tide even slightly against Hamas.  What I have noticed though, is how the media twist the news so that it looks like Israel is the aggressor. They have also failed to mention that most of the “civilians” are in fact Hamas foot soldiers dressed in ordinary clothing. As an additional aside, I must say I am amused by the video that shows a “dead” Hamas civilian moving underneath the sheet… (was this a person raised from the dead just like in the Gospels? – sarcasm alert here).

There is not much I can add about how I feel so sickened by the photograph that was flashed around the world of an Australian child holding up the head of someone that had most likely been butchered by his father.  I will have more to say on this and other similar matters but perhaps not on this blog but on one that is more appropriate for the subject matter.


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