Where is justice for a real 9 year old black child from Chicago?

Antonio was just 9 years old when he raced from his home, being upset with his mother’s refusal to give him a cupcake. He was gunned down. No one knows who shot Antonio. I can safely assume that the person responsible was of the same ethnic origin. There is no mob to protest the death of this little cherub. There are no demands for justice, and there is no presence of Sharpton, Jackson or the Chump. There is no one to hear of the anguish of the mother of this child.

Why is it that the life of a real innocent is not considered to be worthwhile, yet when an 18 year old gang member dies, this causes a riot?

It reminds me of the Elvis Presley song that was about the ghetto of Chicago… and here we have another mother crying for her beloved child.. but no one cares to even look for the killer.


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