Watch this space – India vs. Pakistan

If only this heading was about a cricket match because then I would simply ignore the whole thing ( I am not a fan of either India or Pakistan when it comes to cricket!!).

Unfortunately there are border tensions between India and Pakistan, as reported by Reuters. The tensions are not new, but what I fear is that there could be an escalation of those tensions that could lead to yet another regional war.

The issue remains the Kashmire region of India. Pakistan want this territory. I feel sure that there are Indians living in that region who do not want to be a part of Pakistan… but you can easily get the picture.

At this stage it is a situation to watch. Personally I do not trust Pakistan because I think that if Pakistan got a win over the Kashmir region that they would use this as a springboard to try and invade India and to then force Hindu and Christian Indians to convert to Islam.


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