Well, well, well, not just the story of the three wells…. Who performed the airstrike in Libya?

Last week there was an airstrike in Tripoli performed by an unknown source, or at least that is what we were told last week!!

It looks like Egypt and the UAE have decided to take matters into their own hands in an effort to assist the elected Libyan government.

It has now been revealed that the unknown Air Force strike was performed by the team of Egypt and UAE. I am not surprised by this development.

The militia from Misrata are Islamists, but I do not know if they are in fact jihadis since they seem to be preoccupied with Libyan affairs, rather than worrying about establishing the Ummah. During the time since Gaddafi was defeated the Islamists from Misrata have remained dominant on the political scene. There have been several times that the parliament was raided by “Islamists” from Misrata and making certain demands. The elected Assembly gave into a number of those demands, including one where the interim president was forced to step down because of his past association with Gaddafi. In the period leading up to the election this year, the prime minister was ousted and a new one was named. When the election was held, the voter turn out was low because of the intimidatory tactics of some Islamists in places such as Benghazi. At least one woman politician was assassinated around the time of the elections (the most prominent of these women was a pro-western moderate). 

The people from Misrata were upset because their choice as Prime Minister was overthrown. They claim that the newly elected parliament is not legitimate and they are insisting that their choice be reinstalled, even though the Islamists lost ground as a result of that election.

What these people want is that Libya follow the Sharia Law in all of its facets. This is nothing new and they were promised as much at the time that Gaddafi was overthrown. Many in Libya have other ideas and these are the pro-Western people. They remain at odds with the Islamists who are now seeking to control Libya.

This is where the alliance of Egypt and UAE is so critical, because both of these countries are moderate as far as Islam is concerned. The Muslim Brotherhood experiment in Egypt was a total disaster. The Muslim Brotherhood tried to take control of Libya and apparently did quite well in the first Assembly election, and the Muslim Brotherhood gained a vital foothold in Tunisia. These three countries were at the heart of what is known as the Arab Spring, which really should have been dubbed the Arab Winter. When Morsi was overthrown by General Al-Sissi in Egypt it was the beginning of the end for the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, I am only telling a very small part of the whole story. There is a lot of intrigue in this story and it seems that there are tentacles that have spread from one Middle East country to the next involving the “radical” elements. Of course, if one understands Islam it becomes clear that these elements are not radical because they are following in the footsteps of the founder of their cult.  What might have escaped your attention during the latest round of Israel vs. Hamas is that there was an incursion at the border between Egypt and Libya where several Egyptian military or security personnel lost their lives. It would seem to me that Egypt has its own security in mind when it decided to take action against these militants in Libya.

It is not well known that the UAE has been somewhat supportive of Israel. For all intents and purposes, the UAE maintains the usual anti-Israel attitude. However, behind the scenes, both UAE and Egypt recognize that there is a need to keep Israel in the Middle East. There is no doubt a genuine fear that Muslim Brotherhood could try to take over in the UAE and it is thus better to strike so that the militants will lose their current training base. Thus we have a possible motive for the UAE to decide to take action.

If the militants from Misrata are successful in wresting the control of the Libyan Parliament from the pro-western moderates, then we would have an unhealthy game changer. If the Islamists gain control then Egypt will continue to face more incursions from militants and there could be other attempts at destabilization.

Egypt did not tell the USA that it was going to strike the Tripoli airport. I think that this was a good move by Egypt to not divulge what they intended doing. The U.S. officials at present are an absolute joke and they only serve to make matters worse in the region. Besides, it is fun to see those officials being upset over this military action.

So, what will happen next? I do not know… but it looks like Egypt is prepared to intervene. You can read more about what took place and why in this article.

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