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The Michael Brown Case, Update 2: Communication

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CNN reporter invites murder (background blurred because sanity) CNN reporter invites murder (background blurred because sanity)

I have just a brief update on the case for today, following up on issues raised in the first article of this series: “The Michael Brown Case: Initial Observations.”  Enough new information has become available that I’ll likely post a new analysis of the shooting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20, 2014. I hope to see you then.

The similarities between this case and the Trayvon Martin case are as numerous as they are striking, and I’ll deal with those in some detail in later articles. For the moment, some have been wondering why President Obama has not embraced Michael Brown as he did Martin, when he said: 

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This is a great analysis of the similarities in both cases and a reminder of how the scheme team works.
As always Crump remains a chump.

To illustrate the lengths to which the media will lie in such cases, I offer the following report from the AP because that report is at odds with other reports on the same topic. What I would highlight is not the comments from the person who assisted Baden (who is somewhat clueless in my humble opinion) but buried towards the end of the report is some standard lines that are used by the Chump. These are rehearsed lines and it seems that once again the “family” does not trust what comes out of the local coroner’s office. Could it be that the local coroner also confirmed that Michael Brown was charging at Wilson when he was shot and killed?

Yet another update:  Trayvon Martin de ja vu:  “All we want is an arrest”

This statement is very significant because it shows that the scheme team of Parks and Chump have been perfecting the art of shaking down the authorities. Parks and Chump need to get to second base – the arrest – if they are going to be successful with the shakedown of the government authority.

However, the facts have been seeping out, and it certainly does not look good for Brown’s family. The angelic boy who is heading to college is nothing more than a myth. Brown was a thug and a thief, as well as a member of a criminal gang.  This is not all that much different from the truth about Trayvon Martin who was another thug that ended up dead when he miscalculated about his opposition.

Parks and Chump have come out swinging early, but so have the Ferguson Police Department. Should there be an arrest? Will there be a grand jury? I did see that there has been a call for a grand jury but with the interference from Barry Soetoro and Eric Holder I am not confident that this will end up before the grand jury. I can forsee another corrupt Angela Corey type who makes the independent decision to lay charges similar to those leveled against George Zimmerman.

And along came: Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, the Martins, Black Panthers…. and….

Update: This just in via MyPetJawa regarding autopsy results as performed by Michael Baden. Brown was hit by 6 bullets, the last being a bullet to his head. The other bullet wounds were to his arm. The finding is consistent with the comments by Darren Wilson and are inconsistent with the statement of Dorian Johnson. (no surprise with this result).


The death of Michael Brown has become another soap opera. Why am I not surprised. It is the cast of characters that is in fact “interesting”. Why has there been such a strong reaction to the death of Michael Brown, yet there is no reaction when more than 40 people in Chicago die each weekend? There are no riots in Chicago when yet another black teenagers dies as the result of some kind of violence.

This case has a lot of similarity with the death of Trayvon Martin and the treatment dished out to the Hispanic George Zimmerman. The only difference that I can see is that Darren Wilson, the LEO who shot Michael Brown is not part-Hispanic. Everything else is pretty much the same with some slight variances.

1. Minutes before Michael Brown was shot, he had robbed a store in what is called strong armed robbery. Brown was a hulking teenager who was more than 6ft 4in and weighed in close to 300lbs. He menaced the store keeper; when Trayvon Martin was shot he had been caught in the act of loitering with the possibility of intending to break and enter some properties situated in a gated community. The difference is that George Zimmerman was not a LEO.

2. Both teenagers knew how to use their fists to harm others. Trayvon Martin knocked George Zimmerman to the ground and then pounded his head into the concrete. Michael Brown had struggled with Darren Wilson and had punched him in the face during that struggle. Both teenagers had attempted to reach for the gun possessed by the other person.

3. There are other similarities and differences in these cases, one being that Darren Wilson, being the LEO had a right to pursue what had become a suspect in a strong armed robbery, he had told Brown to stop but Brown began to rush at him. In the other case, the teenager had decided to lie in wait for his victim before punching his victim to the ground when a further struggle ensued. Zimmerman was not pursuing Trayvon Martin as claimed by the BGI.

4. Now we come to more of the similarities, including the cast of characters who have turned up to the scene of the death of Michael Brown. This cast of characters is a real circus:

Jesse Jackson

Al Sharpton


The Department of Justice Community Race Unit or some such name.

Eric Holder

Barry Soetoro

Sybrina Martin

It really is the comedy hour when this cast of characters turn up on the scene. Another group did not waste time in reaching Ferguson and I am talking about the Black Panthers. There they are shouting death to Darren Wilson, and demanding that he be handed over to be killed, just like they did when they discovered the name of George Zimmerman.

This brings me to mention some other nasty similarities:

1. Riots

2. Looting

3. Tossing Molotov cocktails

4. Shots being fired at the police

The anarchists are out in force in Ferguson. The store owner feels so intimidated that he had a press release stating that he did not call the police and that he did not willingly give the police the CCTV footage that placed Michael Brown at the scene of the strong-arm robbery.

None of these things are very surprising. Sharpton and Jackson are like bad pennies that keep turning up, and they keep on churning out their turds from their mouths. I am not sure why the Brown family saw fit to engage Benjamin Crump since I would doubt that Crump has a licence to practice law in any State other than Florida.

The riots are exactly what the White House wants. Is it possible that the DoJ, and Eric Holder in particular is stirring up the emotions in order to create a scene prior to elections to be held in November? If that is the case, then this is totally disgraceful. Interference from the White House is not warranted.

One other development is very disturbing and that is a black officer of the law who sees fit to associate with the Black Panthers and to also use gang signs. It is not a good look. That officer needs to be stood down and lose his job over the way that he has allowed the looters to damage property as well as to take property that does not belong to the looters. The store owners in the area are the big losers and the police have done nothing to protect those store owners.

2014’s Bonfire Of The Vanities – Officer Darren Wilson Is The New “Great White Defendant”…

As an outsider I can only assess what I am reading online. That being said, The Conservative Treehouse has done some good analysis of the situation, and I agree with their conclusions. This is Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman redux.
There are sufficient facts in the public domain to reach some conclusions. In this case, I believe that the story given by Dorian Johnson is nothing but a lie meant for media consumption.