Now about those chemical weapons in Iraq

Yes, the chemical weapons existed. Saddam Hussein had used mustard gas on the Kurds and killed thousands in an attack…

For the past 11 years the New York Times and other MSM sites have continued the lie about the existence of the chemical weapons in Iraq but it turns out that someone had been lying all along… and it was not George W. Bush who was doing the lying.

The Times in London reports that more than 600 soldiers had complained about chemical weapons exposure during their tours of duty in Iraq.

More than 600 US troops since 2003 reported that they were exposed to chemical agents in Iraq, a much higher number than the Pentagon stated previously.

The revelation was first reported by the New York Times, which has revealed in a series of articles this month that American troops handled an arsenal of deteriorating chemical agents and were sometimes told to stay silent about what they encountered.

The Pentagon failed to recognise the scale of the reported cases of exposure to chemical agents or to offer proper tracking and treatment to those troops who may have been injured, the Times wrote, citing defense officials.

Before the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, president George W. Bush insisted Baghdad was hiding an active weapons of mass destruction program.

US forces found no proof of an active program, but they did find remnants of an aging chemical stockpile that they were not well trained to handle.

So it would seem that all those denials and blaming George Bush for going into Iraq, allegedly something that was unnecessary was nothing more than a load of horse manure!!


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