That was an interesting election result

Well it looks like Republican voters finally came out to play in the elections. The end result is one that is historic for various reasons.

Congratulations to Senator Tim Scott from North Carolina. This man has proved that claiming Republicans are racist is nothing more than a Democrat lie… perhaps one day I will go into a further explanation because in my view it is the Democrats who are the racists and the leadership remains racist. Needless to say here that Senator Scott’s win is very historic.

Congratulations to Nikki Haley and Susan Martinez on their electoral victories and their return as governor to their respective States. Susan Martinez would make an excellent Presidential candidate, as would Governor Scott Walker. If Susan Martinez was to win the right to be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2016 then this would be an historic moment for women in the USA. She would be a far better choice than one, Hillary Clinton of Benghazi fame.

In regard to Governor Scott Walker, this man has faced 3 elections including a recall election in Wisconsin that he won handily. The attempt to smear him with the John Doe investigation has not work. Scott Walker remains a viable possible Presidential candidate in the future. He would make a good President.

Congratulations to Senator elect Cory Gardiner with his defeat of Mark Udall. Well done.

I cannot neglect Governor elect Greg Abbott in Texas. Again this is well done and really, it was a no brainer because a woman who allows her followers to throw certain material in the Senate chamber is not fit to untie the shoes of Greg Abbott (and not because he is a god or anything like that but because of the ethics involved in regard to his opponent… what a yucky person).

There have been several interesting results in New York State, Illinois and California, as well as in Arkansas. Some of these results need to be clarified. In particular I mention New Yor 23 which was another no brainer.

Should I leave out the result for Governor in Massachusetts? I see that the people have made up their minds and decided that Martha Coakley needs to be retired out of politics. Well done to the Republican Governor elect.

Florida also made sure that Charlie Crist remains in obscurity. Governor Scott deserves his win, but for some there will always be a sour taste in the mouth over his decisions relating to Trayvon Martin.

Now on to Georgia and again, well done to the Republican Senator elect who beat Michelle Nunn, and that should have been a no brainer anyway.

I have only mentioned some of the races, and I should not leave out the fact that there has been a wave of red spreading through the South. Could it be that some sense has been knocked into people who had not seen past the ploys of the Democrats? Definitely, history has been made in 2014 and I can only hope that US politics will begin to improve.

There is not much hope in California because the incompetent Jerry Brown has been returned as Governor. What a shocking result… but there were other races in California where seats were flipped and the Democratic stranglehold has been loosed.

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