U.N. does something right – bans two branches of Ansar-al-Shariah

It has taken the U.N. more than two years to take this action against Ansar-al-Shariah, however, this is good news as far as I am concerned.

The U.N. has placed Ansar-al-Shariah Derna and Ansar-Al-Shariah Benghazi on the terror list. Both groups are responsible for terror attacks inside Libya and they are directly responsible for the death of the U.S. Ambassador and his companions on September 11 2012. Since then they have been attacking people in Benghazi, as well as being behind kidnappings etc. etc.

The ban means that members of Ansar-al-Shariah are placed on a travel watch list. The ban includes not being allowed to get hold of weapons (fat chance of enforcing that, U.N.)

For once I believe that the U.N. is correct, but I believe that this action is 2 years too late.


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