A birth announcement

We have been looking after Claire for the week because her mother has been in hospital, prepararing for the birth of our our new grand-daughter.  Ilana has diabetes 1 and Claire was overcooked, ended up being a big baby being 5.5 kg or over 11lb at birth. She weighed in at slightly more than the boy that was born the day before at the same hospital!!

Yesterday, December 5 our new grand-daughter Tierney Breanna was born, weing in at about 3.4 kg meaning that she is just over the 7lb mark. Tierney is well and is coming off her blood sugar hypo.  She was born at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown Sydney. All care has been taken with this birth!!

Claire is beginning to walk and talk. She has taken a few steps on her own but she is not truly confident. This morning I allowed her to choose the clothing she was to wear this morning. Little girls know their own mind on such matters as clothing. I gave her two choices for her shorts and her top :).

Claire loves “Row Row Row your boat” and she loves the Wiggles. It is all very funny.

Unfortunately for me, Claire is heavy. It is not her fault and she is in fact becoming less flabby as her leg muscles strengthen. However, I have arthritis that affects my hips, knees and ankles as well as other parts of my body. On top of that I have secondary fibromyalgia. We have very humid weather at present and that means I am very sore at times.  It is very difficult for me to hold and carry Claire.

Addendum: Claire is now walking instead of crawling everywhere. One of the things that she learned at our place was to tell us when she was wet. Her parents did not believe me, but on at least one occasion since she went home she has taken me by the hands and led me to her room and then told me “wet”. Ilana has now heard her saying it, and accepts that she is indeed letting her know that she is wet.

I am waiting on news about Claire’s health. One possibility is epilepsy.  I will write more when there is a diagnosis.

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