I told you so!!

Today’s Telegraph has information on the perpetrator of the Lindt Cafe siege that confirms my suspicions that he was a part of the extremist Islamist group Hizb-ut-tahrir.

From the start I kept on mentioning this group and the possible association with this extremist group, and I was right!!

I fault the writer on claiming that Monis was radicalized by Hizb-ut-tahrir because I think that he was already a radical.

What is missing here is the fact that Hizb-ut-tahrir has been uttering all the extremist stuff and yet nothing seems to be done about them. The people who have been “radicalized” have a link to Hizb-ut-tahrir, and to be honest that is the first place that I would look in trying to explain why so many Australians have been disappearing and being found in Turkey or Syria. They have been listening to members of this group at their rallies, and sadly they believe what they are hearing.

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