A very bad week – the empire strikes back

Ok, yes it is true, I am a Star Wars fanatic!!  I hope that any reader who knows the trilogy will in fact get my meaning here because the “Empire” consists of the baddies. This is a theme that is consistent in such things as Lord of the Rings and yes even the Hunger Games which is a story about striking back against oppression, and evil overcoming the world.

Evil. Yes, that is a word that I am deliberately using to describe what took place in France this week. Last night I heard some sketchy story about 4 hostages being killed, but the message was so mixed up I thought it was the original pair who had killed more people. This morning the full extent of the unfolding tragedy was laid before me… it was another gunman, the same one who had killed the young police woman who had started his own siege and had killed 4 people he had taken hostage in a Jewish grocery store. The Empire had struck back.

The gunmen responsible for 12 deaths at the Charlie Hebdo premises claimed that they were from AQIP (Yemen). There is a claim that one of them was trained by people loyal to Anwar a-Awlaki who was killed back in 2011. This strike was all about revenge over a bunch of cartoon drawings that had depicted Mohammed the goat herder who claimed to have been a prophet of God (but was no such thing). Mohammed is not holy. Mohammed is not divine. There is nothing sacred about Mohammed the camel driver and goat herder. The gunman who laid siege to a Jewish grocery store had a particular hatred of Jews. He also hated the police.  All of these incidents are linked. (BTW I am now of the opinion that the grocery store gunman was in fact the 3rd person involved at the offices of Charlie Hebdo if there really was a 3rd person).

Al Qaeda and its offshoots, is the face of evil. The current leader of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri had a role in the death of Anwar Sadat, as did Muslim Brotherhood. The ideology of Al Qaeda, I.S. and similar organizations is that of the Ummah and the idea of the world-wide caliphate. This is also the belief of the Afghanistan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban. They all believe the same thing.

The hate preachers within Islam here in Australia also preach the same thing about the world-wide caliphate and their belief in the Ummah. We who are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist etc etc are in peril so long as we refuse to embrace Islam.

The hate preachers of Islam have for a long time been manipulating the Muslim adherents. They stirred up rage over a bunch of innocuous cartoons of the pedophile Mohammed. After the Friday hate preaching there were scenes of mayhem and rage all over the world… and we saw the birth of “Rage-boy”. The hate preachers set to work convincing the crazed ones that the West was killing Muslim children… when in fact it was Muslim killing Muslim in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.  Yes, we did go into Iraq and yes people were killed, but those people were attacking the soldiers who were present for peaceful purposes after the ejection of Saddam Hussein. This does not stop the lies of the hate preachers.

Another source of distortion is that relating to the “Palestinians” and Israel. We are supposed to believe that Israel is suppressing the Palestinians when in fact it is Hamas that is oppressing its own people, using them as human shields and generally committing war crimes. What else can you expect from a bunch of criminals.

This time the Empire successfully struck back, but we are a long way from being defeated. Yes some cartoonists were killed at Charlie Hebdo, but the tradition will continue, thanks to this particular attack.

I will note here that I have seen cartoons that I consider to be offensive, but I am exercising my free choice to not be offended over those particular cartoons. What matters to me is the right to freedom of expression whether or not I am offended by such expression.


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