A sad end to the week

First of all, it is necessary to pay a tribute to 17 people who were killed as well as all who were injured over the past week in France. The people who were killed at the Jewish Supermarket died because they were Jews and in my mind this is the most disgusting of the events.  Equally disgusting was the murder of the policewoman and the murder of the policeman, because their murders in particular were merciless.

I want to take the time to praise a young man from Mali. This young man worked for the Jewish grocer, and he is a Muslim. He was quick thinking because he sheperded a group of people into a freezer to protect them, and then he managed to slip outside to warn the police about what was happening and to give them a key to the shutters at the front of the store. He was also able to give them details regarding the inside of the store.  The young man was quick thinking but more than that, he considered those Jews to be his brothers.

There were others who faced an ordeal on that same day, including the woman teacher who had her car hijacked from her, and she was lucky to be dumped from the car, as well as the owner of the print works and the other employee who was on the same premises but who was hiding. Once again, this young man communicated with the police and provided vital details regarding the print works.

Seventeen people paid a heavy price. Five of the 17 were Jews. Three of the 17 were Muslim – the policewoman Clarissa. the policeman Ahmed and the Charlie Hebdo employee Mustapha. The remainder were a mixture, probably atheist.

The whole episode has been chilling because no one knows if there will be more strikes, or when those strikes might happen next. I personally think that it is no accident that the perpetrators were criminals.

We all need to be on the alert against this kind of fanaticism.

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