Moving forward

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo has been released in defiance of those who tried to shut down this group of political commentators and cartoonists.  The cover depicts Mohammed with a tear in the eye and a sign that says “I am Charlie”.

The usual suspects who become rage boy are ready to rage again. However, in a lot of places there is a call to stay calm. This is the case in France where the imams of the most important of the mosques have decried the violence and at the same time have called for no reaction to the cartoons.

I reiterate that there are good Muslims out there who mean us no harm at all. One such Muslim is a French citizen, British cafe owner who has a chalkboard outside his shop stating “I am Charlie”. He has been threatened by a man of “Asian” appearance. This particular Muslim has stated he will continue with the chalkboard and that his neighbours and those at the mosque have no objections to his chalkboard. The perpetually aggrieved have no sense of humour.

Luz, the cartoonist who survived because he was late for work, has stated what is obvious: “that some have lost the soul of their inner child”.  Luz’s cartoon is more complex than is supposed and one should try to look at this picture upside down, and look at the turban with fresh eyes.

If there is to be a resolution to the crisis that has been ongoing since ISIS gained control in Iraq then I think that we personally need to be doing a lot of praying. Secular France has been shocked by what took place. The French have suddenly discovered that anti-Semitism is rampant. Why did they not see that anti-Semitism had been ongoing over a period of years? Why had they done nothing before now. In true French style they are protecting Jewish schools etc. and at the same time they are arresting those responsible for damage to the Mosques.

I am not sure whether to believe him or not, but the man who was the mentor to the two brothers has actually condemned their actions. This man, who was in prison because of his terrorist activities seems to be reformed and is working as a nurse at the hospital where Jewish victims of the deli massacre were taken. He came out against what had taken place.. has he really turned his life around, or in the future will he participate once again in terrorist activity?

Moving forward, we all need to be on the alert. If we see anything that is suspicious we need to be prepared to report it to the police. At the same time we need to be vigilant against those who want to impose Sharia upon us.

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